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This is a picture from our archive, let’s do it for the ladies of 1914!!

Updated Weekend Teams

Saturday 1XI vs Todmorden (Home) 12.30 start





Halstead J


Martin J

Martin P




Scorer Martin

Same Sunday East Lancs away plus Hawke for Hugill

Saturday 2XI vs Todmorden (Away) 12.30 start

Deakin – Pickard







Simm J




Same team Sunday East Lancs home plus Bithell, Hugill and Page for Birchall, Wearden and Wheatcroft

Manager Stansfield, scorer Wearden Saturday, Chir Sunday

Saturday 3XI vs Enfield (Away)



Chir K

Chir Y








Manager Nicholas, Umpire Howley, scorer Johnstone E.

Stan’s Chairmans Column




After last week’s wash-out – we have two finals replays this weekend.


On Saturday the LHCC A1 Motorstore u13 Panthers will play the mighty Longridge in the LJL u13 cup final at their Chipping Lane ground. Good luck to Phil Metcalfe and his team. Wickets pitched 9.30am


On Sunday the LHCC Molly Rigby u11 Bears will compete at Sefton CC in the all-county under 11s finals. Our semi-final is a 12.30 start versus Brooklands CC. Good luck to Lawrie Johnstone and the team.


Many thanks to our sponsors for their support


Umpire Jack Schofield retires


Best wishes to Jack Schofield on his retirement form umpiring. Jack was a very good cricketer himself with Burnley CC and carried his love of the game through to his umpiring. He always had a reassuring word for the young cricketer and a correcting word for the misbehaver. Jack was an excellent umpire and a very decent man and he will be sorely missed.





LHCC U15 Dolphins 48-6 Darwen u15 49-0                          


George Durkin 19

Aden Aurangzeb 11*                               




LHCC u15 Barracudas 76-5 Clitheroe u15 (8) 48-7    


Jack Simm 30* Jack Simm 2-9  

Tom Halstead 18


LHCC u15 Barracudas 76-2 Nelson u15 (8) 79-1


Yousaf Nadeem 29*                                     

 Jack Simm 24                                                                 


Nelson u13 Lions 183-7 LHCC U13 Lions 274 – 2                       


Kerry Gibbins 2-4 Keagan de Vries 26*

Oliver Spendlove 2-7 Jack Spence 24*

                                                                 Annabelle Uttley 15*

                                                                 Phoebe Johnstone 14

                                                                 Dec Metcalfe 13*    


Darwen u13 274-2 LHCC U13 Lions 327 – 2


Jack Spence 24*

George Durkin 21*                      

Dec Metcalfe 20*

Aden Aurangzeb 12

Henri Cottam 10*


LHCC u13 Tigers 285- 5 Burnley u13 240-2


Oliver Spendlove 25

Phoebe Johnstone 19*

George Durkin 17

Rory Cormack 14*

Kier Greenwood 12


LHCC U13 Tigers 303-2 Rishton u13 228- 3


Joel Sharpe 20*

Oliver Williams 18*

Tom Yorke- Robinson 14*

Rory Cormack 13*

Keir Greenwood 13

Oliver Spendlove 10*

Sam Hancock 10


LHCC u13 Cougars 241- 4 Rishton u13 271-1


Tom Yorke – Robinson 17*                           

Sam Hancock 16*

Joseph Edgar 11*

Elliott Johnstone 10*                               


Ramsbottom u13 245 – 2 LHCC U13 Cougars 261-5


                                                     Tom Yorke- Robinson 26*

                                                     Charles Wilkes 12*

                                                     Nathan Porter 12

                                                     Elliott Johnstone 11      


LCB u11 Cup


LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 276- 2 Earby u11 273-5  


Harrison Durkin 15*

Tom Yorke- Robinson 13*

Myles Carr- Oddie 13

Grace Johnstone 11*


LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 251- 4 Clitheroe u11 (1) 253-1


Jack Whitham 18*

Grace Johnson 17*

Isa Nadeem 11*

Tom Yorke-Robinson 11


East Lancs u11 238-5 Lowerhouse u11 Cubs 195 – 7                              


Marcus Niell 2-1 Harvey Elliott 10


LHCCu9 Hornets 238-5 Darwen u9 212-7


Isa Nadeem 14

Henry Bithell 8*


U9 Cup semi final


Burnley u9 226 -9 Lowerhouse Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 237 -5 


Isa Nadeem 3-8 Henry Bithell 5*

Aveen Dalugoda 2-6 Marcus Niell 5   

Call for a statue of Jimmy Anderson

I think that every cricket loving person in Burnley and Padiham, and indeed far beyond, all those with civic pride, must feel an immense surge of local and national pride in the astonishing feat that James “Jimmy ” Anderson has joined the elite 500 Test wicket Club.
Arguably – albeit a brief argument, Jimmy is the town’s greatest ever sportsman. Whilst I accept that we are a town that usually underplays itself, we cannot simply ignore Jimmy’s achievement.

My suggestion is that we erect a statue in the town centre, perhaps with Jimmy bowling towards Turf Moor.

I don’t know how we would go about his but Lowerhouse Cricket Club will fully support this. What Jimmy has achieved allows all coaches in this town, where appropriate, to tell any aspiring cricketer – you too can achieve this. Cricket in this borough, through its 4 clubs of Belvedere, Burnley, Lowerhouse and Padiham, is a hot bed of cricket.

How lucky are we to have James Anderson as its icon.

Clitheroe Investigation – Statement

This release is for the information of our members and whilst I accept that it will be read by others, it is solely an information document. I would ask to that the trial by social media ceases as not much of it is true or accurate and the speculation is damaging and unhelpful for both ourselves and Clitheroe Cricket Club. 
Circumstances have lead to a senior member of the club executive being made aware that 3 Clitheroe players are allegedly receiving remuneration for playing cricket for Clitheroe Cricket Club. This is against the rules of the Lancashire League. 

Firstly members ought to know that Lowerhouse are by no means comfortable with having to make this complaint as we recognise the potential damage that this can cause. Hitherto we had a very good relationship with Clitheroe CC, went across pre season at their invitation and shared ideas with them and were very pleased to see them in the League. We especially have a good junior relationship with them over many years. Having to make a complaint about a club where we have friends on and off the field is distressing for all concerned.

Secondly, the club had two choices under the Lancashire League rules. Either, do nothing or pay £50 to make a complaint. Feeling unable to ignore what we were aware of, and therefore making the complain , we find that we have become the investigators in both providing information to the league and being recipients of further information from other sources. Dutifully we will pass this information on to the Executive unless specified otherwise by the informant. 

There have been many comments in the public domain relating to timing and also suggestions of sour grapes. We must stress that we can only report the incident at the time it comes to light and that the initial notification to the Lancashire League was made the day after the incident occurred. Similarly, to us it would not matter if Clitheroe were top of the league or bottom, we felt duty bound to make the formal complaint to uphold the integrity of the league. 

Finally Lowerhouse CC are not judge and jury. We are simply acting in what we believe to be the best interests of the Lancashire League.  

Stan Heaton

More Finalists! Stans Chairmans Column


On top of the recent success of the 1XI in reaching the LCB cup final and the LHCC Fagan and Whalley under 9s victory in the LJL u9s cup final, we have two further finals this weekend.

On Saturday the LHCC A1 Motorstore u13 Panthers will play the mighty Longridge in the LJL u13 cup final at their Chipping Lane ground. Good luck to Phil Metcalfe and his team. Wickets pitched 9.30am

On Sunday the LHCC Molly Rigby u11 Bears will compete at Highfield CC (Wigan) in the all-county LCB under 11s finals. Our semi-final is a 12.30 start versus Brooklands CC. Good luck to Lawrie Johnstone and the team.

Many thanks to our sponsors for their support

Old Trafford – My thoughts – Stan Heaton


It was very sad that Sunday’s weather made for a dreadful conclusion to what was a day of anticipated thrill and skill.

The play that took place, albeit only 9 overs, showed to us that the standard of league cricket in Lancashire is something that we can be proud of. The technique, grit and determination on show demonstrated few stray balls or shots, and I feel that an enthralling encounter was set up.

We were proud of our support. We know that the Viking attributes of our support sometimes test genteelness but we feel that their love of the club outweighs any concerns over the saltiness of the behaviour. My abiding off – field / non VIP room memories will be of the packed members bar during the rain – with 150 Lowerhouse fans in there , 20 of whom were sat round a table playing “chase the ace” and drinking from their own cans. Probably not what Lancashire CC expected. In the background we saw keyboard antagonists Frank Entry/ Paul Stansfield and head of the LCB, Bobby Denning building relationships in the way that only personal contact can. All credit to Bobby for taking the time to mingle. Outside a further 400 Lowerhouse fans braved the weather. We saw people we never expected to see there, and upon leaving Old Trafford received the news that 200 fans were back at the club. Fortunately the speech to them on behalf of the club and its committee, was made between the 10th and 14th pint and we believe that it was at least coherent.

It was a delight to see out “all stars” and under 9s do the guard of honour and a shame the half time kick cricket couldn’t take place. We had numerous junior players in the stands with parents. Oh how this makes everything we do so worthwhile!

Speaking of Bobby and the LCB. We were treated royally. The hospitality afforded to our VIP guests was only outweighed by the facilities afforded to the players and the club. On Sunday, Old Trafford became our home. We were afforded the players pavilion, the member’s facilities and a prime slot on the square. We could not have expected better. We would like to thank Bobby, Paul Bryson and the LCB for the amazing opportunity that we were afforded on this day, and no doubt at Blackpool. We will ask the LCB and Ormskirk that if no play is possible at Blackpool or in the future, that the trophy is shared. We do not think that a bowl out is the correct way to settle this.

Of our own people, such is the dedication of the likes of Secretary Frank Entry and President Harry Brooks that they chose to spend the day with the supporters and forgo the VIP suite. Unfortunately 4 of us were obliged to represent the club and we were delighted to take with us unsung club stalwart Keith Fairclough and Judith Wren. Judith needs no introduction and there was a great deal of poignancy about this occasion. No doubt David was with us, and would have been proud of Keith, who within 5 minutes of meeting Bobby Denning complained about LHCC having to pay a share of the umpire’s fee when playing away from home, when a gate was taken. We anticipate a rule change in respect of this encounter. In any event Judith was a sobering influence on Keith in respect of the free bar for the VIPs.

We would wish to express our sincere regards to Ormskirk CC for the national finals at Chelmsford in a fortnight. To reach the finals of a national club knockout is remarkable, and one only needs to look at Ormskirk roll of honour to see what a magnificent club this must be. We had the opportunity to meet and speak with the Ormskirk hierarchy and indeed the players, 2 of whom we knew from their days at Longridge CC. Ormskirk are a team of young cricketers, most of whom are the products of Ormskirk’s youth system and having spoken to many of them, a credit to cricket, their club and their league. Good luck in the national finals to Ormskirk CC and especially Fordy who must be the highest placed 4XI player to be in a VIP bar.

We would also like to place on record, not only our pride in our magnificent support but in Ben Heap and the players. Although the day was curtailed, they did the club proud. As indeed they did the previous day in beating Burnley. How easy it must have been to solely concentrate on the final.

Charlie Cottam described that when the players ran out on the field, the roar from our spectators gave the impression that the ground was full. The songs in the member’s bar of “I love my Lowerhouse” made the hairs on one’s neck stand on end. Here’s to Sunday at Blackpool – a club with previous experience of the Viking invasion. Good luck to Blackpool and indeed and more so – Good luck to our boys.

Finally. Much organisation went into last Sunday and again this Sunday. Supporter transport from Frank Enty. Players coach (Oldham Athletic), courtesy of President Harry, and T shirts, polo shirts and posters organised by Shelly.

Thank you for your continued support.
Up the House


Weekend Teams

Saturday 1XI vs Darwen (Away) – 12.30 start

1. Heap

2. Barlow

3. Bleazard

4. Cottam

5. Halstead J

6. Hawke

7. Martin J

8. Martin P

9. Stuart

10. Uttley

11. Erasmus

Scorer Martin.

Same Sunday vs Ormskirk at Blackpool with Hussain for Uttley. 12th man Hugill

NOTE 12-30 start from now on

Saturday 2XI vvs Darwen (Home) – 12.30 start

1. Deakin – Pickard

2. Beneduce

3. Bithell

4. Bridge

5. Halstead T

6. Hugill

7. Laraway

8. Meehan

9. Simm J

10. Stansfield

11. Wheatcroft

Reserves – Ingham , Nadeem, Wearden

Manager Stansfield

Scorer Chir K

NOTE 12-30 start from now on and Todmorden game now week Saturday 16/9

3XI no game

1931 – New Scorebox

Clive Spencer / Anne Cochrane have sent in an illustration and article on the new scorebox of 1931 which was next to the old pavilion. Although the photo is dark so the people unfortunately can’t be seen the text is great.


Lancashire Cup Final – Extra Info

Lowerhouse Cricket Club vs Ormskirk Cricket Club
The Lancashire Cricket Board’s 2017 KO Final replay is confirmed for this Sunday 10/9/17 to be played at Stanley Park home of Blackpool Cricket Club -11.00am start.

Gates will open from 9.30am, 

A Scorecard and Raffle Ticket for £2.00 will be on sale at the gate.

Lancashire County Cricket Club have provided some great prizes. The draw will take place at the interval. 

Location & Directions: or SATNAV: FY3 9EQ

Car Parking: There will be little or no car parking room within the ground due to the numbers expected. Parking around Stanley Park itself on Sunday morning should be easy. Be mindful of the residential streets close to the club as many of these are Resident Parking only.

Coaches: Should drop-off outside the Main Gate drive in to Barlow Crescent off West Park Drive. Sorry, there is no on-site coach park. 

Security & Restrictions: LCB Staff will be carrying out security searches for your own protection and that of others at the gate.

No Alcohol (bottles or cans) may be brought into the ground at anytime. 

Food & Refreshments: A franchise caterer will be located within the ground / burgers etc. This will be in addition to the club’s own catering facilities. Teas, Coffees and soft drinks are also available outside and within the clubhouse.

Burnley v Crystal Palace will be shown live at 1.30pm on Sky Sports within the Marquee 


The LCB Knock Out Cup Final between Lowerhouse and Ormskirk was abandoned due to rain after 9 overs with Ormskirk on 31 for 1.

With the rain not abating the officials and teams agreed to abandon the game at 3:00pm. The final will be reconvened at Blackpool CC on Sunday 10 September at 11:00 as the reserve date.

The LCB would like to thank both Lowerhouse and Ormskirk and to the Lancashire County Cricket Club for making every effort to get the game on, but unfortunately the weather has won the day.

Rescheduled LCB Knock Out Cup Final 2017

Lowerhouse CC v Ormskirk CC

Venue: Blackpool CC

Date: Sunday 10 September

Time: 11:00

Old Trafford – In Photos

Some great photos coming in over social media. Thanks already to Bryn Barnes for sending some in. Adding to an ever growing album, if you have some please email or send them us on social media.

Album here

Lancashire Cup Final – Blackpool Travel Details

The LCB KO Final replay is confirmed for this Sunday 10/9/17 to be played at Stanley Park home of Blackpool Cricket Club 11.00am start.
Visit to view their facilities

(The early start precludes organised train transport as the earliest arrival would be 11.08am and its then a brisk 25 minutes to the ground)

Bus transport has again been confirmed checking in at LHCC by 9.00am for departures asap

Prices £10.00 Adult £5.00 17 and under, Family of 4 – £25.00 – (2 adults 2 Children) book as follows:

1. Contact us via social media if you want to book on or

2. Text Frank 07939624685

Payments as previous

1. In the tea room Monday-Friday 5.15 to 8.15pm else Saturday 2ndX1 v Darwen 12-6.00pm

2. Contact Frank for bank transfers

It rained… still proud! 

So the trip to Old Trafford was thwarted by a little bit of rain, but it didn’t stop the 700+ Lowerhouse fans having a great day out.  We managed to see a little bit of cricket with the boys looking smart and bowling tight.

Coach 1, 2, 3 and 4 were ready to go at 9 until coach 1 threw all of its power steering fluid onto Lowerhouse Lane and broke down! A replacement was quickly on its way and all the fans got there on time.

Lowerhouse lost the toss and Ormskirk chose to bat. They were 31-1 off 9 with Ocki getting the wicket caught at slip by Barlow.

The final will now be replayed on the 10th September at Blackpool Cricket Club.

Oh and everyone says local cricket is dead. 270 people on coaches and this was Burnley Manchester Road this morning:

More photos to follow in the week.

And you can here how good our crowd were here

Stan’s Chairmans Column – Under 9s Cup Win



U9 Cup Final scorecard

East Lancs u9 241 -3 Lowerhouse Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 272 -3  

Zak Jackson 2-0-9-0 Henry Bithell 10

Archie Howorth 2-0-10-0 Taylor de Vries 4*

Isa Nadeem 2-0-3-2 Zak Jackson 17*

Taylor de Vries 2-0-4-0 Eliza Cottam 8*

Henry Bithell 2-0-8-0 Joe Masson 1

Joe Masson 2-0-6-0 Archie Howorth 5*                      

Eliza Cottam 2-0-7-1 Marcus Niell 5*

Marcus Niell 2-1-1-0 Isa Nadeem 9*

12th man – Aveen Dalugoda

The Fagan and Whalley under 9 Hornets won the Lancashire Junior League Cup on Wednesday at The Brooks Foundation ground with a tidy win over East Lancs. On a pleasant evening and in front of a large crowd the team bowled first against an East Lancs side with some big hitting batsmen.

As the bowling figures show, the team bowled well with only 8 wides. Although East Lancs lost few wickets, they found it difficult to pierce the alert fielders albeit there were 5 powerful boundary shots.

In contrast to all other sides in the league, the Hornets bat in full cricket equipment. Whilst this can sometimes restrict quick singles it serves the youngsters well for the future. Partnerships of 14,33,7 and 18 saw the team home with what can only be described as patient batting , good technique and sensible running between the wickets.

Many names in the team will be recognised from older siblings and parents at the club. Aveen Dalugoda is son of the longstanding club coach and former Sri Lankan first class cricketer Amal. Marcus Niell is Jack and Joseph Edgar’s cousin and we are very pleased to add dad Lucas to the coaching staff. From his career as an international footballer, Lucas has brought new ideas and an infectious enthusiasm to the coaching and matches. A more recent recruit mid-season is Zak Jackson. Zak’s dad Liam is a former league pro and current Enfield stalwart. . If Zak can emulate his dad he will have a very productive career.

The cup win and league position (league still in progress), is a fitting reward to the full under 9s squad and to our other two under 9s teams, the Bees and the Wasps. All the teams have been managed by Eric Haworth and Dave Waddington, with assistance from Lucas Niell and Warren de Vries and many of the parents both at matches and training sessions.

As Chairman I am extremely pleased that the foundation stone of our junior set up, our youngest teams are in such good hands and have such great support from the coaching staff – from Nigel Brown and his team, the adults mentioned above, and our marvellous parents who support their children and indeed the club to the full extent.

Many thanks to Alex Haworth from under 9s sponsors Fagan and Whalley Transport for his and their support, which has included a financial contribution, the new roller accoutrements and the team caps. Alex is Eric’s son and a former LHCC Junior himself  

Up the House!       

Our under 9s have been broadening their horizons and competing in 6 a side competitions at Hale CC and Littleborough CC. These are whizz, bang, crash matches and not something we are used to. That said we have competed well and after a promising but unproductive start at Hale, got to the quarter finals at Littleborough. Many thanks to the usual management team, especially Warren and Charlie Cottam for managing the team at these competitions. More of these to follow.    

Longridge u15 (1) 77-2 LHCC u15 Sharks 79-3                          

Yousaf Nadeem 40*        

Jack Simm 18                 


Clitheroe u15 79-4 LHCC u15 Barracudas 138-1   

Yousaf Nadeem 2-5 Tom Halstead 29*                                                                                                                Ethan Connor 22                                                                           James Bridge 10*
Lowerhouse u13 A1 Motorsport Panthers 107-3 Longridge u13 108-4

George Durkin 30* Oliver Spendlove 2-24

Dec Metcalfe 28

Henri Cottam 22


LCB U13 Cup Quarter final

Longridge u13 105 -9 LHCC U13 A1 Motorstore Panthers 45-9

Rory Cormack 3-13 George Durkin 10


Nelson u13 221-5 LHCC u13 Lions 298-3

Aden Aurangzeb 2-13 Keagan de Vries 27

                                                                 Jack Spence 24*

                                                                 Annabelle Uttley 15

                                                                 Aden Aurangzeb 14*

                                                                 Dec Metcalfe 10*                                         

LHCC U13 Lions 274 – 2 Bacup u13 221-6      

Keagan de Vries 21*

Dec Metcalfe 12*

Oliver Williams 12*

Jack Spence 12


LHCC U13 Tigers 347-3 Ramsbottom u13 215- 4

George Durkin 45 Sam Hancock 2-12

Joel Sharpe 28*

Jack Spence 23*

Declan Metcalfe 18*

Sam Hancock 18

Annabelle Uttley 13*

Oliver Williams 12                   

LHCC u13 Cougars 245- 3 Ramsbottom u13 234-5

Harrison Durkin 31* Tom Yorke – Robinson 2-5

Tom Yorke – Robinson 11*                           

Grace Johnson 11*                               

Great Harwood u13 263 – 3 LHCC U13 Cougars 248-5                                                     

George Durkin 30*

Burnley u11 (1) 251-6 LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 252- 2      

Callum Hughes 2-14 Tom Yorke-Robinson 25*

                                                            Elliott Johnstone 11*

LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 259- 5 Burnley u11 (1) 265-5 

Elliott Johnstone 17*

Tom Yorke-Robinson 15

Grace Johnson 13 

Burnley u11 (2) 267-4 LHCC u11 Cubs 239-2 

Zak Jackson 3-3 Isa Nadeem 19*  

                                                                   Alfie Hawke – Thompson 10*

LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 222 – 7 Church u9 (1) 248-2

Isa Nadeem 10 Aveen Dalugoda 1-3

LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 223 – 6 Bacup u9 219-6

Isa Nadeem 11 Aveen Dalugoda 2-9

Clitheroe u9 (2) 231-6 LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Bees 244- 1

Eddie Starkie 3-6 Kate Gormanley 8*

Weekend Teams

Saturday 1XI vs Burnley (Home) 12.30pm start





Halstead J



Martin J

Martin P



Scorer Martin.

Same Sunday vs Ormskirk. 12th man Hugill (See Below)

Saturday 2XI vs Burnley (Away) 12.30 start

Deakin – Pickard








Simm J



Manager Stansfield

Scorer Nixon

NOTE 12-30 start from now on

Saturday 3XI – vs Church (Away)

Bridge T


Chir K









Res. Bridge J, Chir Y, Gibbins,

Manager Nicholas, Umpire Howley, scorer Wearden S

Sundays’ Guard of Honour Information

Stan will be in touch with the parents of the children who will be performing the guard of honour via text message.

Registration upon arrival: Please sign in by 10am at the All Stars Desk located in the Fan Zone tent inside the main entrance to Emirates Old Trafford, off Talbot Road.

Guard of Honour: The guard of honour will take place as the players enter the pitch at the start of the game just prior to 11am. Children will be escorted by LCB staff to the point where they will enter the pitch and will be given full instructions.

Clothing: All Stars Cricket kit or Club kit including suitable footwear. All Stars kit for the activity will be provided by the LCB. There is no need for All Stars kids to bring the Backpacks for use on the day (these of course can be brought and left with parents whilst the activity is taking place)

After the Guard of Honour: Children will be taken back to their seats to watch the game and wait to take part in the All Stars display on the outfield at the lunch interval.

All Stars lunch interval pitch display: Although timings for the interval pitch display have been provisionally planned the exact interval timings are dependent upon the state of the game. Instructions will be given and updated during the pre-interval innings for assembly of the All Stars children to take part in the display.

After the display: Players will be off the field by approximately 2-40pm. After the interval display children are free to watch the second half of the game or leave when they wish.

Photos: Please note that some photos of the day/Display will be taken. If you have any issues with you child/children being part of these photos please let us know at the sign in desk

Car Parking: Car parking is available on the ground and is pay and display. Parking is located in car parks 2 & 3. The ground is accessed from the main gates on Talbot Road.

Cup Winners! Under 9s Victorious: PHOTOS

The Fagan & Whalley under 9s Hornets beat East Lancs in the Lancashire Junior League Cup Final tonight at Lowerhouse! 

Well done to all involved especially team coaches Dave Waddington and Eric Howarth.

High Burkinshaw has supplied a full album of photos which can be viewed here

Bus Arrangements for Old Trafford – Please Read Carefully!

Bus Arrangements

Lowerhouse CC to Emirates Old Trafford

LCB KO Sunday 3rd September

An incredible 250 have taken up the option to travel by organised bus please note the following and try to help us on the day by adhering to this information as much as possible.

We have a very limited number of seats available on a first come first served basis – contact us asap to secure – one they are gone they are gone.

Firstly a massive thanks you to all the people who have booked with us and paid already.

Final payments can be made as follows:

  1. In the Tea Toom Tonight, Thursday or Friday with Kafia, Tina or Jean 5.15 to 8.15pm

Please ensure all payments include number of seats booked plus names and correct fee and a telephone contact

  1. At Saturdays 1stX1 game V Burnley 12-6.30pm in the tea room or to Frank Direct

Please ensure all payments include number of seats booked plus names and correct fee and a telephone contact

  1. Text Frank for info as to how to make bank payments (07939624685)

I have been able to contact 90% of bookings and advise each of their coach allocation number 1, 2 , 3 or 4 the remainder I will speak to at Saturdays game vs Burnley.

Note: We have tried as much as possible to seat those who have booked together on one coach albeit there may be one of two anomalies. This has been a tough challenge and apologise if I haven’t got everything 100% right but we will ensure you get to the game.

Everyone needs to arrive from 8.30am Sunday at LHCC but by no later than 9.00am Sunday.

On arrival ‘seek’ out your ‘Bus contact and advise them you have arrived so that they can cross you off their list – once everyone has arrived we can start loading buses in a pre-arranged order which will be advised on the day on Lowerhouse Lane.


The Tea Room and Club Bar will remain closed however the club house will be open and toilet facilities available

Bus 1 is an 82 seater – Adam Hope will be the contact for this bus

Bus 2 is an 82 seater – Shelly Heap will be the contact

Bus 3 is a 49 seater – Dave Waddington will be the contact

Bus 4 is a 49 seater – Garry Stein will be the contact

Big thank – you to these ‘4 volunteers ‘ note they are just that, so please be patient with them on Sunday.

Departure – Old Trafford – looking at 30 minutes after Presentation Ceremony

LHCC will be Open on your return

Our buses will stay with us for the day and allocated parking spots at the ground –

Any question to Frank 07939624685, else DM the clubs Facebook or twitter accounts.

Under 9s Junior Cup Final Tomorrow! 

‪Lowerhouse under 9 Fagan & Whalley Ltd Hornets will host East Lancashire Cricket Club tomorrow (Wednesday) night in the LJL under 9 cup final. Wickets are pitched at 5.30pm and the team is Eliza Cottam, Henry Bithell, Taylor De Vries, Archie Howorth, Zak Jackson, Joe Masson, Isa Nadeem and Marcus Niell. Your support is welcome. #UTH

The biggest of big weekends ahead.

Not content with going to Old Trafford on Sunday. Lowerhouse have the a home derby against Burnley on Saturday, with the seconds visiting Turf Moor on the same day. The matches were kindly rearranged from Sunday, so one of either Burnley or us’ Second Teams could go to watch their team in the final. Burnley will be looking for revenge after the firsts beat them on their own soil a little over a fortnight ago.

In the last 5 years in the League, the teams have faced each other 10 times, with Lowerhouse coming out victors on 7 occasions. This will be the 245th time we have faced Burnley in the League. The cricket kicks off at the earlier time of 12.30, don’t forget!

Our opponents for the Lancashire Cup Final at Old Trafford on Sunday is Ormskirk, who currently sit 69 points clear at the top of the Liverpool Comp League. They have also this weekend just beaten Wolverhampton to make it to the final of the National Club Championship where they will play Wanstead & Snaresbrook on Sunday 17th September at Essex CC.

This is without a doubt the biggest weekend in recent years for the club, your club. The support that you’ve shown on Social Media and Coach Bookings (260+) is incredible.

More to follow during the week – Up The House.

Be a part of 200+ coach travellers to Old Trafford: LAST DAY FOR TICKETS! 

We are please to confirm we have sold over 200 seats on coaches to Old Trafford. Full details of the final and prices can be found here

This is a game not to be missed – your local club playing at a Test Match Venue.

Points to note: 

1. Today is last day for booking seats on transport to Old Trafford. Contact us via social media if you want to book on. 

2. Payment must be made by 6.00pm Saturday 2/9/17 else seats will be re-sold to reserve list which will be created from Tuesday Morning

3. All payments clearly marked with Name, please specify Adult/Child correct fee and contact Telephone Number. 

4. Payments can be made 5.30-8.30pm in the tea room to Michelle Tuesday, Kafia Wednesday, Tina Thursday, Jean Friday

5. All payments Saturday 12.00 -6.30pm in the tea room, else to Frank Direct a the Game v Burnley. 

Any questions, drop us a quick message on social media or Text Frank. 

Stans Chairmans Column

LHCC Xercise4less u17s 108-7 Haslingden u17 96 all out
Ethan Laraway 36 Emily Gibbins 3-21

Ben Woodall 17 Ethan Laraway 2-5

Tom Halstead 13* James Wearden 2-2 (more…)