A note from Ernie

Well, we are all overwhelmed that a game that was dead and buried was turned around for our beloved Lowerhouse to win the Cup. But despite the heroic efforts of the team I would like to thank everyone who made this a day to remember, from the Committee – and let us remember that an undertaking of this sort means a lot of  work by the Committee working out the logistics of such a big event. Thank you. But it’s the volunteers I would really like to commend. As Stan said in his programme notes they are the backbone of any club. I did a little bit around the ground a couple of years ago but since my heart operation I am no longer strong enough. I really wanted to get stuck in on Monday to help clean up but as I said I am not strong enough.

There are so many heroes but a special word for Mr Lowerhouse, Stan. I swear I shall live long enough to see that man build a house alongside his shed!

I should also mention the bar ladies who, in my opinion should also have received a memento after the game as well as those in the tea house. Week in and week out they are there. What would we do if we turned up one day and they weren’t there?

Finally, we must remember those who have gone before and did not live to see the great cricket team we now have. I remember Ken Smalley, Bill Fielding, Jack Hayes and even Helm Spencer and the groundsman of half a century ago, Jack Wade. They would have been so thrilled to see how well our club is doing.

Now to catch Walsden.

Ernie Whittaker