Advanced Performance Programme

Specialised and focused coaching in preparation for Senior Cricket

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Lowerhouse Cricket Club are pleased to announce the establishment of an advanced performance programme within the Harry Brooks Cricket Foundation.

The idea of the programme is to give highlighted players between the ages of 12 and 15 , the chance to have more specialised and focused coaching to prepare them for senior cricket .

The players will take part in developmental winter sessions as a lead into specialised sessions which will take place during the season . The sessions will include technical classes, strength and conditioning and specialised skills. External coaches and experts will be used alongside our own top qualified coaches.

Included in the programme will be a Players Portal, where support material and feedback will also be available.

Cricket Chairman Stan Heaton said ” We are delighted that the funding from the Club President Harry Brooks and the support from Matt Stansfield and the directors has enabled two of our young coaches , Patrick and Joe Martin, along with Charlie Cottam to put this programme together, with contributions from Head Coach Nigel Brown and Ben Heap. This is a serious financial commitment from Harry and the club, and a serious commitment from Joe, Patrick and Charlie. I think it is fair to say that we provide quality coaching for all our juniors, but we felt the need to give those players selected, the chance of this important step in their development.

We believe this will be a successful expansion of our junior coaching set up and that this will benefit the club as a whole as well as those selected .

The most difficult task was selecting the first group to benefit from this, but those not on the programme can still access the material through a players portal on the website. Those players will still receive the usual coaching and can join the programme in future years.