Bonfire Wood – Update

17th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

Our 2019 community bonfire is scheduled for  Saturday 2nd of November 2019 We now begin the process of receiving large stackable items such as pallets and doors as donations to add

Clifford Atherton – Obituary

16th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

Club life member and elder statesman Clifford Atherton has also passed away. Clifford’s association with Lowerhouse CC is unparalleled. Clifford has undertaken a plethora of roles at the club including

Sad news – Alan Cottam

16th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

The club is again saddened to announce the passing of another member of the club family Alan Cottam has passed away. Alan is a former sponsor and current member and

Sad news – Clifford Atherton

15th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

The club sorry to hear of the passing of former Secretary, Life Member and Club elder Clifford Atherton. Our deepest sympathies have been extended to Peter and the family. A

1881: AGM Booklet

14th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

Next in our line of posts from the History Books is the AGM booklet from 1881. You can view all uploaded so far, here.    

Harry Brooks – Funeral Details

12th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

Harry’s funeral is will take place on 29th October at Burnley Crematorium at 12pm and at Burnley Football Club after. Could those intending to go from the cricket club text

Joey in Australia..

12th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

Joey Hawke has been in Australia for a week now and has settled into his team The Basin Cricket Club in Victoria. Joeys team mate Blake has been in touch

Harry Brooks tributes..

10th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

There has been a number of tributes to Harry in the local press and on social media. We thought we’d share a few below; Thanks to those who have given

Bonfire Delivery Help…

10th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

We are entering the bonfire wood delivery period, so if anyone can help please can they text Stan (07941439741) their number so he can ask for help when needed. Notice

Games to forget – 2002 vs Church

7th October 2019 Adam Hope 0

By Paul Hargreaves In the course of the last couple of years I’ve looked at a number of ‘Games to Remember’ in Lowerhouse’s history. These have been exciting close games