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This is a picture from our archive, let’s do it for the ladies of 1914!!

Updated Weekend Teams

Saturday 1XI vs Todmorden (Home) 12.30 start





Halstead J


Martin J

Martin P




Scorer Martin

Same Sunday East Lancs away plus Hawke for Hugill

Saturday 2XI vs Todmorden (Away) 12.30 start

Deakin – Pickard







Simm J




Same team Sunday East Lancs home plus Bithell, Hugill and Page for Birchall, Wearden and Wheatcroft

Manager Stansfield, scorer Wearden Saturday, Chir Sunday

Saturday 3XI vs Enfield (Away)



Chir K

Chir Y








Manager Nicholas, Umpire Howley, scorer Johnstone E.

Stan’s Chairmans Column




After last week’s wash-out – we have two finals replays this weekend.


On Saturday the LHCC A1 Motorstore u13 Panthers will play the mighty Longridge in the LJL u13 cup final at their Chipping Lane ground. Good luck to Phil Metcalfe and his team. Wickets pitched 9.30am


On Sunday the LHCC Molly Rigby u11 Bears will compete at Sefton CC in the all-county under 11s finals. Our semi-final is a 12.30 start versus Brooklands CC. Good luck to Lawrie Johnstone and the team.


Many thanks to our sponsors for their support


Umpire Jack Schofield retires


Best wishes to Jack Schofield on his retirement form umpiring. Jack was a very good cricketer himself with Burnley CC and carried his love of the game through to his umpiring. He always had a reassuring word for the young cricketer and a correcting word for the misbehaver. Jack was an excellent umpire and a very decent man and he will be sorely missed.





LHCC U15 Dolphins 48-6 Darwen u15 49-0                          


George Durkin 19

Aden Aurangzeb 11*                               




LHCC u15 Barracudas 76-5 Clitheroe u15 (8) 48-7    


Jack Simm 30* Jack Simm 2-9  

Tom Halstead 18


LHCC u15 Barracudas 76-2 Nelson u15 (8) 79-1


Yousaf Nadeem 29*                                     

 Jack Simm 24                                                                 


Nelson u13 Lions 183-7 LHCC U13 Lions 274 – 2                       


Kerry Gibbins 2-4 Keagan de Vries 26*

Oliver Spendlove 2-7 Jack Spence 24*

                                                                 Annabelle Uttley 15*

                                                                 Phoebe Johnstone 14

                                                                 Dec Metcalfe 13*    


Darwen u13 274-2 LHCC U13 Lions 327 – 2


Jack Spence 24*

George Durkin 21*                      

Dec Metcalfe 20*

Aden Aurangzeb 12

Henri Cottam 10*


LHCC u13 Tigers 285- 5 Burnley u13 240-2


Oliver Spendlove 25

Phoebe Johnstone 19*

George Durkin 17

Rory Cormack 14*

Kier Greenwood 12


LHCC U13 Tigers 303-2 Rishton u13 228- 3


Joel Sharpe 20*

Oliver Williams 18*

Tom Yorke- Robinson 14*

Rory Cormack 13*

Keir Greenwood 13

Oliver Spendlove 10*

Sam Hancock 10


LHCC u13 Cougars 241- 4 Rishton u13 271-1


Tom Yorke – Robinson 17*                           

Sam Hancock 16*

Joseph Edgar 11*

Elliott Johnstone 10*                               


Ramsbottom u13 245 – 2 LHCC U13 Cougars 261-5


                                                     Tom Yorke- Robinson 26*

                                                     Charles Wilkes 12*

                                                     Nathan Porter 12

                                                     Elliott Johnstone 11      


LCB u11 Cup


LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 276- 2 Earby u11 273-5  


Harrison Durkin 15*

Tom Yorke- Robinson 13*

Myles Carr- Oddie 13

Grace Johnstone 11*


LHCC u11 Molly Rigby Bears 251- 4 Clitheroe u11 (1) 253-1


Jack Whitham 18*

Grace Johnson 17*

Isa Nadeem 11*

Tom Yorke-Robinson 11


East Lancs u11 238-5 Lowerhouse u11 Cubs 195 – 7                              


Marcus Niell 2-1 Harvey Elliott 10


LHCCu9 Hornets 238-5 Darwen u9 212-7


Isa Nadeem 14

Henry Bithell 8*


U9 Cup semi final


Burnley u9 226 -9 Lowerhouse Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 237 -5 


Isa Nadeem 3-8 Henry Bithell 5*

Aveen Dalugoda 2-6 Marcus Niell 5   

Call for a statue of Jimmy Anderson

I think that every cricket loving person in Burnley and Padiham, and indeed far beyond, all those with civic pride, must feel an immense surge of local and national pride in the astonishing feat that James “Jimmy ” Anderson has joined the elite 500 Test wicket Club.
Arguably – albeit a brief argument, Jimmy is the town’s greatest ever sportsman. Whilst I accept that we are a town that usually underplays itself, we cannot simply ignore Jimmy’s achievement.

My suggestion is that we erect a statue in the town centre, perhaps with Jimmy bowling towards Turf Moor.

I don’t know how we would go about his but Lowerhouse Cricket Club will fully support this. What Jimmy has achieved allows all coaches in this town, where appropriate, to tell any aspiring cricketer – you too can achieve this. Cricket in this borough, through its 4 clubs of Belvedere, Burnley, Lowerhouse and Padiham, is a hot bed of cricket.

How lucky are we to have James Anderson as its icon.