1982 – Evan Gray training photo

6th April 2016 Adam Hope 0

The attached snap was published in the Burnley Express  which was taken on a Wednesday evening coaching session while Evan Gray was our pro in 1982, together with Bill Holt,

1984: A trip down Lowerhouse Lane

6th April 2016 Adam Hope 0

Because of George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ this was a famous year even before we’d arrived there. Two big international incidents happened in India. A gas leak at a Union Carbide

1982: A trip down Lowerhouse Lane

6th April 2016 Adam Hope 0

The news in the Britain in 1982 was dominated by the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands and the ‘Iron Lady’s’ response to it. Football fans of that era will

1986: A Trip down Lowerhouse Lane

6th April 2016 Adam Hope 0

2011 sees the silver anniversary of the year of 1986. (How quickly time passes.) Both the old superpowers had problems in this year. The Challenger Space Shuttle exploded, killing 7

1973: A trip down Lowerhouse Lane

6th April 2016 Adam Hope 0

1973 saw Britain, along with Denmark and the Irish Republic, join the E.E.C., or the Common Market as it was widely called. On the wider international front the United States

Blasts from the past!

18th March 2016 Adam Hope 0

We’ve recently been going through our website and have been sent some photos from yesteryear. Thanks to John Young who has sent in photos that his father Harry young had

50 and 500 club

11th November 2015 Adam Hope 0

Matt Walker’s double of 50 wickets and 500 runs is only the 29th in Lancashire League history. Even more remarkable it is only the 9th in the last 35 years.

5 and 50 club

29th September 2015 Adam Hope 0

Matthew Walker joined an elite band this season in the penultimate game v East Lancs …. the 5 and 50 club .   A big thanks to Nigel Stockley of

Matches to remember

28th June 2014 Adam Hope 0

I started watching Lancashire League games in 1969. One of the biggest changes to the present day as been the gradual decline in the relative quality of the professionals. Most