The History Books

“The History Books” is our online museum of our rich history of now over 156 years. We rely on not only some great volunteers who go out and source the information but supporters, members and ex players to provide us with memoirs and stuff thats been in their loft for ages. We currently have 271 articles from 40 different people. Got something that you could share? Get in touch –

Latest additions

2020: Lancashire League – Limited Overs – Consolidated by Adam Hope

2020: The Lancashire League of the Decade by Adam Hope

2020: Amateur All Time Batting Averages by Adam Hope

2019: Lowerhouse Numbers by Adam Hope

2019: Top 10 batsmen and bowlers of all time by season by Adam Hope

2019: Blez inducted into the Wisden Hall of Fame by Adam Hope

2019: Tom Yorke-Robinson scores two double hundreds in a fortnight by Adam Hope

2019: THE GUARDIAN FEATURE: Fear and loathing in English cricket’s fraying heartland by Andy Bull

2019: Questions for the new Vice Captain by Adam Hope & Paul Hargreaves

2019: A look back whilst looking forward with Joe Martin by Adam Hope & Paul Hargreaves

2019: A look back whilst looking forward with Ockert Erasmus by Adam Hope & Paul Hargreaves

2019: A look back whilst looking forward with Ben Heap by Adam Hope & Paul Hargreaves

2018: Final moments of the Worsley Cup Final by Adam Hope

2018: Worsley Cup Final from above by Adam Hope

2018: Worsley Cup Final – Guest Report by Paul Hargreaves

2018: Squad Photo by Keith Hawke

2018: A few questions on his return – Francois By Paul Hargreaves

2018: An interview with our captain Ben Heap  By Paul Hargreaves

2017: Lancashire Cup Final at Old Trafford: Stans Thoughts | Photos | Video | By Adam Hope

2017: Ben Heaps record breaking 175 By Adam Hope

2017: Chris Bleazards 50th Birthday – Infographic By Lewis Marsden

2017: Bleazard Magazine (Digital Download) By Adam Hope

2017: Bleazard Magazine – 16,000 runs and 50th Birthday Interview:  | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | By Adam Hope and Paul Hargreaves

2017: An interview with our captain Ben Heap By Paul Hargreaves

2017: Great Success – “Mission to Find Minhas” By Adam Hope

2016: The All Time Lowerhouse Hall of Fame by Paul Hargreaves

2016: The creation of the Lowerhouse Badge by Neil Bonnar / Bolton News

2016: David Wren – A Tribute By Matthew Stansfield

2016: VIDEO – Flooding at Lowerhouse Cricket Club by Stan Heaton

2016: VIDEO – Lowerhouse by air By Chris O’Brien

2015: Matt Walker joins 50 and 500 club By Paul Hargreaves

2014The Pavilion Clock By Adam Hope

2014: Lowerhouse make it 3 out of 4 – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  By Nigel Stockley / Lancashire League website.

2013: PHOTOS – Twenty20 Cup Winners 2013 By Adam Hope

2013: Merv Hughes at the club By Bob Sandiford

2013: PHOTOS – Chris Bleazard 15,000 runs By Bob Sandiford

2012: Double Delight for Lowerhouse – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  By Nigel Stockley / Lancashire League website.

2012: VIDEO – Lancashire League Champions 2012 – A Fans View By Adam Hope

2012: PHOTOS – Lancashire League Champions 2012 By Adam Hope

2012: VIDEO – Worlsey Cup Final – A Fans View By Adam Hope

2012: PHOTOS – Worsley Cup Winners 2012  By Adam Hope

2012: vs Ramsbottom – Games to Remember By Paul Hargreaves

2011: VIDEO – Lancashire League Champions 2011 – A Fans View By Adam Hope

2011: Perfect Blend takes Lowerhouse to the title – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 | Part 4By Nigel Stockley / Lancashire League website.

2011: David Wren “The Pain and the Glory” – Part 1 | Part 2By Nigel Stockley / Lancashire League website.

2011: Stan Heaton “Building the Foundations” By Nigel Stockley / Lancashire League website.

2011: Games to remember: vs Nelson By Paul Hargreaves

2011: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane – 2011 Match Previews By Paul Hargreaves

2010: Games to remember By Paul Hargreaves

1990 – 2008: Every Pro I had the pleasure of playing with By Matt Hope

2007: Second Team runners up By Adam Hope

2005:  Post League Win – Radio Lancashire Interview By Anne Cochrane

2005: My favourite season By Paul Hargreaves

2005: PHOTOS – Lancashire League Champions for the first ever time. By Adam Hope

2005:  Lowerhouses historic title triumph of 2005By Nigel Stockley / Lancashire League website.

2004: Phil and the Worsley Cup By Eric Howarth

2004: Worsley Cup Final Programme By Andrew Wren

2004: 18 minute video of the Worsley Cup By Keith Hudson/Chris Bleazard

2004A fitting end to a real fairytale By Harry Brooks

2004: PHOTOS: Worsley Cup Final 2004  By Adam Hope

2004: The History Men  By Phil Simpson / Burnley Express

2004: Worsley Cup Final vs Haslingden  By Paul Hargreaves

2004: Match of a Lifetime by Nigel Stockley

2004: Worsley Cup Semi Final vs Enfield By Paul Hargreaves

2003: PHOTO – Ryan Harris Strikes By Adam Hope

2003: My Favourite Match By Paul Hargreaves

2002: vs Church – Games to forget by Paul Hargreaves

2002: vs Church – Games to forget part 2 by Paul Hargreaves

2002: PHOTO – Hope gets Michael Clarke out By Adam Hope

2001: Jez Hope – 500 Wickets By Stan Heaton

1999: vs Nelson: A day to remember for Hope By Paul Hargreaves

1997: A controversial year By Jez Hope and Stan Heaton

1996: Stan backing up against Allan Donald By Bill Yates

1996: PHOTO – Charlie skittled by Allan Donald By Adam Hope

1995: Shawn Flegler bowling By BIll Yates

1995: PHOTO – Express Cup Winners  By Stan Heaton

1994: Craig Light bowling By Bill Yates

1993Cameron Williamson bowling By Bill Yates

1993: A game to remember By Paul Hargreaves

1993: Paul Stansfields 5fer By Maureen Stansfield

1992: House vs Burnley – All time greats By Trevor Jones

1992: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Adam Hope

1991: 1991 and all that!  By Harry Brooks

1991: Our view of the season  By Jez Hope & Stan Heaton

1991: My other favourite season  By Paul Hargreaves

1990: The record still stands – The 1990 Season By Chris Bleazard

1988: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Alan Holden

1990: A game to remember By Paul Hargreaves

1988: A game to remember By Paul Hargreaves

1987: Membership book by Arthur Hall

1987: Squad Photo by Ockert Erasmuc

1987: New Years Day Barrel sharing with Burnley By Alan Holden

1987 – PHOTO: Phil J Astin By Stan Heaton

1987: PHOTO – Under 15s League Champions By Justin Stockdale

1986: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1985: Happy birthday Stan By Anne Cochrane

1985: Rosegrove Cricket Club By Bryn Barnes

1985: Postscript to the “Helm Spencer incident” of 1937 By Anne Cochrane

1984: Presentation Night By Alan Holden

1984: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1984: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Stan Heaton

1983: House welcome Kirti by Alan Holden

1983: Rusty in Action By Alan Holden

1983: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Stan Heaton

1983: Presentation Night By Alan Holden

1982: Rain halts play By Alan Holden

1982: Evan presented with the hat-trick trophy By Alan Holden

1982: Presentation Night By Alan Holden

1982: Holland Cup Win By Alan Holden

1982: Lowerhouse vs Read By Alan Holden

1982: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1982: PHOTO – Squad Photo 2 – By Stan Heaton

1982: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Stan Heaton

1982: Evan at training by Alan Holden

1982: Training photo with Evan Gray By Anne Cochrane

1982: No title but still the best ever by Alan Holden

1982: The barbeque by Alan Holden

1982: Stan shows how not to do it by Alan Holden

1982: Hatrick debut for Evan Gray by Alan Holden

1982: Stan “shoulders arms” versus Accrington by Alan Holden

1982: Cricket row “worst ever” vs Todmorden by Alan Holden

1981 PHOTO – Squad Photo 2 By Adam Hope

1981: Champions get their reward By Alan Holden

1981: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Stan Heaton

1980: Martini Cup Final preview by Alan Holden

1980: Lowerhouse and Burnley combine – Brunshaw CC By Alan Holden and Paul Hargreaves

1980: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Stan Heaton

1980: Worsley Cup Final final win at Rishton By Alan Holden

1980: Presentation Night by Alan Holden

1980: Express Cup win By Alan Holden

1979: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1978: House collapse to 54 all out by John Davis

1978: Last minute replacement Stan, is the winner By John Davis

1978: House sign Ul-Ghani By John Davis

1978: Alan Holden welcoming Amarnath By Alan Holden

1978: Joe Waterworth – Presentation night picture By Anne Cochrane

1978: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1976: Roger Brom on Debut and Higgys Hat by Burnley Civic Trust

1976: Higgy takes a cracking catch by Alan Holden

1976: PHOTO – Squad Photo – Adam Hope

1976: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1975: Holden beats Wilkinson By Alan Holden

1975: Higgins takes catch off Jones By Alan Holden

1975: Squad Photo by Alan Holden

1973: All out for 8 by Phil Bird

1973: PHOTO – Squad Photo By Anne Cochrane

1973: PHOTO – Squad Photo 2 By Anne Cochrane

1973: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1971: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1971: View from the Clubhouse By Harry Young

1970: Junior Cricket Photos By Harry Young

1970: Worsley Cup Quarter Final vs Burnley by Burnley Civic Trust

1969: Expert Advice on Lowerhouse Wicket by Anne  Cochrane

1969: At the nets now by Anne Cochrane

1969: Brian Moorhouse feature by Stan Heaton

1969: PC Brian Moorhouse by Anne Cochrane

1969: Lowerhouse vs Burnley By Burnley Civic Trust

1968: Taking a look at Lowerhouse by Burnley Civic Trust

1966: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1964: East Lancashire vs Lowerhouse programme by Trevor Jones

1964: Roy Gilchrist signs by John Davies

1963: New scorebox By Jack Foster

1962 – 1982: The beginning of the second century By Paul Hargreaves

1962: New Pavilion Text Transcript By Anne Cochrane

1962: New Pavilion in Burnley Express By Anne Cochrane

1962: Opening New Pavilion By Anne Cochrane

1962: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1962: House meet Basil Butcher By Anne Cochrane

1961: Express Cup Winners Dinner by Anne Cochrane

1961:  Express Cup Team By Anne Cochrane

1960: Minhas Returns By Anne Cochrane

1960: Lowerhouse vs Burnley Football Club By Anne Cochrane

1960: Lowerhouse vs Police XI By Anne Cochrane

1959: Memories of the late 50s and early 60s Part 2 by Ernie Whittaker

1959: Memories of the late 50s and early 60s Part 1 by Ernie Whittaker

1959: A Burnley Bonanza – Cricket’s Strangest Matches by Eric Haworth

1958: Ernie Whittaker writes By Ernie Whittaker

1956: Second Team Squad Photo By Jack Foster

1956: Squad Photo By Anne Cochrane

1953: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1953: The club rules

1953: The old pavillion By Jack Foster

1953: The Terraced Houses By Jack Foster

1951: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1949: Trip down Lowerhouse Lane By Paul Hargreaves

1945 – onwards: Race and Pace (Lowerhouse edition) By Anne Cochrane

1937: The uproar versus Burnley Cricket Club By Anne Cochrane

1934: The Lowerhouse Grand Bazaar by Anne Cochrane

1933: The Cotton Queen of Lowerhouse By Anne Cochrane

1933: A stormy AGM – By Anne Cochrane

1933:  Lowerhouse Ladies in Picture By Phil Young

1933: Womens Cricket in the past Part Four: Betty Who? By Anne Cochrane

1933: Womens Cricket in the past Part Three: Lancashire Womens Federation Cricket By Anne Cochrane

1933: Women’s Cricket in the past Part Two: Lowerhouse Ladies By Anne Cochrane

1932: First Team Photo By Anne Cochrane

1931The New Scorebox By Clive Spencer / Anne Cochrane

1930s-1940s: Cricket, Lovely Cricket – Alan Waterworth remembers his early playing days By Alan Waterworth

1930: Helm Spencer Portrait by Clive Spencer

1929: Arial Photo of Lowerhouse Village By Adam Hope

1927: Junior League Champions Photo By Anne Cochrane

1925: The Grand Bazaar By Anne Cochrane

1923: Junior League Champions Photo By Anne Cochrane

1921: Our New Tea Room (Background) By Anne Cochrane

1921: Our New Tea Room By John Davis

1921: AGM booklet

1920: AGM booklet

1919: AGM booklet

1919: Lest we forget By Anne Cochrane

1918: William Whittaker – A Tribute By Paul Hargreaves

1918: AGM booklet

1917: AGM booklet

1916: AGM booklet

1914:  From Cricket Field To Battle Field and back again – a long hard road By Anne Cochrane

1914: First Team Photo By Anne Cochrane

1914-1918: Lowerhouse during World War I By Anne Cochrane

1914: Billy Cook got all 10 wickets By Adam Hope

1914: (Part 4) The 1914 Bazaar Programme By Anne Cochrane

1914: (Part 3) Bazaar – Postscript and aftermath By Anne Cochrane

1914: (Part 2) Three Bazaar Days, Success, Hopes and Fears By Anne Cochrane

1914: (Part 1) The Bazaar to end all Bazaars – An Introduction By Anne Cochrane

1910: Squad Photo By Jane Bradford

1909: Squad Photo by Jane Bradford

1905: Athletics Festival by Anne Cochrane

1905: Games to Remember By Paul Hargreaves

1901: The Original Lowerhouse Pavilion  By Anne Cochrane

1900: The Manchester Times  – Lancashire League and Lowerhouse Review  By Anne Cochrane

1890: Women’s Cricket in the Past – Part One : “The Lady Cricketers in Burnley”  By Anne Cochrane

1890: Lowerhouse Athletics Festival by Anne Cochrane

1898:Unsung hero J. H. Hartley (1898-1902)   By Paul Hargreaves

1897: AGM booklet

1896: AGM booklet

1895: AGM booklet

1894: AGM booklet

1889: AGM booklet

1888: AGM booklet

1878: The Two Athletics Galas By Anne Cochrane

1878: AGM booklet

1878: Lowerhouse versus Great Harwood Cricket Club By Anne Cochrane

1877: AGM booklet

1876: AGM booklet

1875: AGM booklet

1874: AGM booklet

1872: First Team Photo By Anne Cochrane

1872: AGM booklet

1869: AGM booklet

1868: The Australian Tour of England in 1868 by Anne Cochrane

1862: The Creation of Lowerhouse Cricket Club By Anne Cochrane

1862-1962: Lowerhouse Cricket Club: A History By Paul Hargreaves