1910: Colourised photo of the club

The Civic Trust has recently inherited the complete archive of the late local historian, Brian Hall. Among his contributions is a book on Lowerhouse, along with a collection of old glass slides. Notably, one of these slides appears to be the original version of a photograph currently displayed on our website in a rather blurry black-and-white format.

Edward Walton of the Civic Trust has undertaken the task of colorizing and enhancing this image. The result is a much clearer and wider version, revealing additional elements, including part of the old pavilion that was not visible in the previous image. This pavilion dates back to 1901, and the photograph itself is likely from around 1910. The newly restored image offers a wealth of fascinating details, providing a richer glimpse into the historical landscape of Lowerhouse.

Thank you Anne for sending in this amazing find.

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