1930: Helm Spencer Portrait

Clive Spencer was going through some old photograph scans that his grandmothers, brothers daughter(!) had sent and unearthed this gem. It is a very young looking Helm Spencer. Looks like a Studio portrait and may even pre date his time at Lowerhouse. He started with Padiham Cricket Club, his father(Thomas Spencer, Clives Great Grandfather) was one of the founder members of Padiham Cricket and Football clubs and went on to be Secretary and Treasurer of the Ribblesdale League from 1900 to 1920.

Helm has featured in past History Books pieces such as UPROAR AT THE BURNLEY VS LOWERHOUSE GAME.. (IN 1937) and POSTSCRIPT TO THE HELM SPENCER “INCIDENT” OF 1937.

Thanks for sharing this Clive.

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