1976: Roger Brom on debut, and Higgys hat!

We have been sent some more great pictures from the Civic Trust,  with  three images published in the Burnley Express on 6th August,1976.  These are from Lowerhouse v Haslingden on 31 July 1976.
In the background of the first image of Roger Bromley, are his mum and dad, and also on the right standing, Leslie Eastwood, secretary of Lowerhouse and of the League and perhaps sitting on the bench, Joe Waterworth, but we are not 100% sure. This may have been Roger’s debut.  We have  checked the previous two scorecards and he wasn’t playing.
The batter for Haslingden in the two images with Brian Higgin keeping is Brian Knowles we think, and slip is Trevor Jones.  

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