2016 Preview: 5 minutes with Ben!

So, after hearing from Charlie and Stuart we move onto Ben Heap – returning from professional duties in the Ribblesdale League, we ask him the same couple of questions;

Who is your favourite all time Lowerhouse Amateur and why?
I’m 27 now and 28 in May so there’s nobody else really at my age, I’m a player in between two generations. Of the younger crop as far as talent is concerned then they don’t get much better at our level than Matt Walker and Joey Hawke both quality all rounders and probably should of played at higher level all though theirs nothing to say they still can’t. Both good friends too.

From the “older generation” as far as having the “craic” was concerned then Joe Beneduce. Top bloke, played hard and taught me a lot and we had a real laugh. Loved a meat Pie as well.
Blez is another obvious one but he’s one grumpy sod!
Overall though Charlie Cottam is my main man. Developed a real friendship over the years. His average doesn’t do him any justice but he’s the most natural sportsman I’ve played with at any sport and the best fielder at cover in the league. One thing we both have in common is we hate losing and love a battle on the cricket pitch.

Who is your favourite all time Lowerhouse Pro and why?
I have two for this question. Obvious one is Francois Haasbroek, in 2011 he was part of creating an atmosphere in the dressing room where everybody was happy for each other’s success. That’s what it’s all about really. Later in 2012 he helped me personally a lot and changed my mind set for ever.

Secondly is Ryan Harris.
Being a 16/17 year old boy stood at mid off watching him knock over Chris Cains twice will live with me forever. Doesn’t get much better than that. When Ryan was over he enjoyed  himself off the field , but on it he gave 110% and i loved the way he intimidated people by bowling quick.

What was your favourite game of the 2015 Season?
Well…. Games at Brinscall and Brooksbottom were an eye opener ..

Only joking, of course I was away. 2014 though beating Burnley three times was pretty satisfying.

What are your predictions for 2016?
Lowerhouse will be up there near the top. Everybody can be beaten, each player has two arms and two legs. They are not super human, Obviously though our neighbours should be favourites. Any one to take us lightly though regardless of who’s come in or out would be stupid.

What do you miss most about cricket in the winter?
I do miss it I won’t lie , I’ve become a bit of a cricket badger over the last few years. Most of all I miss the laughs we have and even just training  and seeing the lads.

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