2016 Preview: 5 minutes with Joey!

We dragged Joe Hawke to one side and asked him a few questions;

Who is your favourite all time Lowerhouse Amateur and why?

Favourite all time Lowerhouse amateur is an easy one for me, Blez… makes the game look so easy, never complicates things and has won or turned around so many games for us. Ultimate legend. Charlie Cottam comes a close second, my captain for many years, a very close friend and one of the best sportsmen knocking about, don’t think there is any sport he’s not good at. Top batter on his day and the best fielder in the league. No beating around the bush with Charlie, plays to win and never gives up.
Who is your favourite all time Lowerhouse Pro and why?

Favourite pro has to be Frankie, now one of my good mates, won the lot under his guidance, taught me a lot about my game, here and over in Australia having lived with him for 6 months. Never a dull moment when he’s around either. Plenty of bees are around when me and the big man are around.
What was your favourite game of the 2015 Season?

Obviously I was away for the 2015 season, but the double winning season and beating Burnley are very good memories.

What are your predictions for 2016?

We have a very good young side this season and are capable of putting together a solid season, would love to push our noisy neighbours all the way this year, and a good cup run in the Worsley and LCB cup, it’s got the makings of very good season for the Lowerhouse Boys.

What do you miss most about cricket in the winter?

The thing I miss most about cricket in the winter is the changing room banter with the boys, and a nice cold one after bringing 12 points home.

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