2016 Preview: 5 minutes with Stan!

We’ve saved the best till last – we’ve been speaking to the cricket Oracle – Stan Heaton.
Favourite all time Lowerhouse Amateur and why? 

BRIAN HIGGIN – He was my childhood hero and I enjoyed every minute of the time we played together

Favourite all time Lowerhouse Pro and why?

I couldn’t single one out on a personal level, many were very sound blokes . Frankie has been our most complete pro including coaching, Ryan our most impressive match pro , Kirti Azad our best batting pro at his peak , Evan Gray our best spinning pro. Others such as Manzoor Elahi and Tony Dodemaide were excellent players. We have had many marvelous professionals over the years and some aren’t far behind these chaps. There were only 3 who I didn’t really take to…

Favourite game of the 2015 Season?

The late season victory over Burnley – it had everything a high standard amateur match should have. Always helped by a win of course.

Predictions for 2016?

Continued development as our younger players gain more experience. despite the loss of players I think our 1st team will do well . I long for the day when our 2s can win the league or cup. Every time I think we are in a position to really challenge, we lose a fistful of players and  have to throw the kids in again. They never let us down but the loss of players is disruptive.

What do you miss most about cricket in the winter?

I am always sad when the season ends but in truth my mind is ready for a rest. I don’t get a physical rest until December for a month and then we are back with junior training from Christmas. So I suppose I don’t miss anything other than the cricket match itself and the friends I don’t see until the season starts in April.
Why do you love Lowerhouse Cricket Club?

The people. None of this would be worth doing without the experience of seeing people happy that the club is doing well. I love the spectators cheering and clapping, the players being successful, the look on a juniors face when they do something well, and the pride the parents have in seeing their child doing well.

Heaven is a place on earth – our club.



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