Sad News – Basil Butcher

18th December 2019 Adam Hope 0

Some sad news breaking in the cricketing world that unfortunately ex-Lowerhouse professional Basil Butcher has passed away. Basil was pro in 1962 scoring 1055 league runs, taking 20 wickets. We

Race & Pace: Lowerhouse Edition

4th October 2017 Adam Hope 0

Following on from the Race and Pace programme on BBC, and again thanks to Elaine Heyes, we have good original newspaper photos of Duncan Carter and Roy Gilchrist signing plus

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The History Books

31st January 2017 Adam Hope 0

“The History Books” is our online museum of our rich history of now over 156 years. We rely on not only some great volunteers who go out and source the

1962: A trip down Lowerhouse Lane

17th October 2016 Adam Hope 0

Politically 1962 will be remembered most for the Cuban Missile Crisis. An increasingly confident Soviet Union, who had sent cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into space the year before, were trying to

1984: A trip down Lowerhouse Lane

6th April 2016 Adam Hope 0

Because of George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ this was a famous year even before we’d arrived there. Two big international incidents happened in India. A gas leak at a Union Carbide

Lowerhouse Professional Numbers

7th May 2020 Adam Hope 0

After we released the Lowerhouse Amateur Player Numbers, we have been asked to compile a Pro Numbers list. Each pro has a number, sorted by playing year (each player can