A look back whilst looking forward – Joey Hawke

This week, we’ve put Joey Hawke in the hot seat – Adam and Paul put some questions to him.

1. I’ll bet Man. Utd’s excellent run as put you in a good mood lately but besides watching them what sports do you play and watch over the winter months?

Very much so, Ole’s at the wheel. I don’t tend to play much sport over the winter months, was never very good at football, do a little bit in the gym every now and again, like to watch my horse racing and I’m known to have a few bets every now and again.

2. How would you grade the team, and your own performance in the 2018 season?

As a team you couldn’t really ask for much more, only 2 league defeats and a successful Worsley Cup campaign, we have a very talented group of players and we can be proud of what we achieved together. On a personal level I feel I contributed to a couple of games last year which is always nice, doing the same this year would be great.

3. The obvious highlight for many was the Worsley Cup final. You played an important part that day with bat and ball and we fans thank you for the speed with which you ended what could have been a tense finish. What are your memories of that special day including the prep. match itself and celebrations?

What a day! One that will live on in my memory for a long time, a home final against your local rivals in front of thousands, and getting the W! Doesn’t get much better does it? I didn’t really think much of it in the weeks leading up to the game bar the night before, where I didn’t sleep a wink, excitement but a lot of nerves, the morning of the game was nice and chilled with the team having a big breakfast at JJs. The game itself ebbed and flowed, a brilliant advertisement for league cricket, although I didn’t see any of our reply as I’d made myself comfy on our changing room floor! I couldn’t watch with nerves! They increased tenfold walking out to bat, but were slightly eased when a certain Mr. Brown took aim and fired a load of verbals at me. (Taste of my own medicine you could say)! Hitting the winning runs was a feeling I’ve never felt on a cricket field, sharing a moment with Blez and the boys and fans charging on is something I won’t ever forget.

4. Skipper Ben Heap thinks that the team have all bases covered this year, and Jonny’s return helps give extra strength to the batting, so how high are your expectations for 2019?

100% agree with the skip, we have a very talented squad and should go close on all fronts, the league being the one I want the most.

5. You’ll often be opening the bowling but where going forward do you think your best position is with the bat? Maybe what happened in the Cup final shows you might be best in the Bevan-Dhoni type role as a finisher? Thoughts?

In my time with Lowerhouse I’ve probably occupied most batting positions, but to be honest I’ll bat where the skip wants me too and where I’m needed, we have a strong side and from 1-11 we are all capable.

6. Last year you is it fair to say you matured a bit? How did your role change?

I’d probably agree with you, it’s about time I grew up a little bit isn’t it? Ben made it clear what my role was going to be early on in the year and I feel I stuck to the task, changing the way I bowled, not trying to take wickets every ball definitely helped me.

7. I believe you are perusing a career in the fire service? How is that progressing and will it affect your availability?

That’s correct yeah, currently in the retainer down at Rawtenstall, but hoping to become a whole time firefighter in the near future, this won’t effect availability in 2019 which I’m pleased about as I’m raring to go.

8. You’ve had experience at other clubs in various roles, what makes Lowerhouse different to the rest?

There’s no place like Lowerhouse! Every club I’ve been at I’ve learnt a lot about myself and met some friends for life but the House was never too far out my mind. The general vibe around the place, the banter between the lads in the changing rooms. It’s definitely my second home! UTH!

9. Charlie and Blez are heroes but can’t go on for ever? How do you think the team will do moving forward when some of it’s older players reside to Stella corner?

Can they not? Be good if they could. 2 absolute legends. There will certainly be no replacing them, but Lowerhouse thrives on bringing juniors through the ranks, and we have a number of talented individuals knocking on the door. I’m sure mini cotts will want to emulate his dad one day!

10. Finally I often see Ben Heap talking to you at mid off when your bowling, what sort of influence had he had in you would you say?

As I said before Ben was a massive help to my game last year, not just on match days, we’d often talk during the week about things, as for during the game. Well let’s leave that between me and him, but it worked for me and hopefully it will again this year!

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