A message from Stan: Joe Halsteads’ departure.

Hopefully people will now have seen that Bradford and Bingley CC will have published an apology for the precipitous announcement of the signing of Joe Halstead.

Their chairman Adam Swallow has graciously apologised to me on the phone for this breach of the usual protocol. The usual protocol is that transfer forms are signed and the ex club announces and makes its peace, before the new club publicises the move. I only signed the transfer forms around 1.30pm today and have been denied that opportunity.

This protocol is important as it allows the ex club to make a statement that ensures we don’t finish up with the type of speculation and comment that we now have and which is causing distress to me as chairman, the Halsteads and no doubt others. I have no problem with opinion and discussion but I would want it to be based on necessity and fact. The sheer speculation has led to things being said that wouldn’t have been said had I been allowed to issue the announcement.

For the record, as chairman I am of course disappointed personally and on behalf of the club, teammates and spectators that we have lost a player of great promise. Joe has sat down with me and explained his reasons, none of which I might add, involved money. Players leaving clubs for what they see as a brighter personal future elsewhere is nothing new and indeed Lowerhouse have benefited from this very process. Joe has given me his reasons for leaving and we accept them as honest held reasons. I personally wish Joe every success and thank him for his time and contribution at the club and for the contribution that Andrew and Sarah have made off the field with their time and sponsorship.

As with others who have left for pastures new, we endeavour to part on good terms.  When it is done right as this and most have, we always hope to renew acquaintances in the future if circumstances allow.


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