A Seismic Shift in the Hall of Fame Batting Positions

By Paul Hargreaves

Hall of fame is located here.

Yesterday marked a significant moment in the history of our Hall of Fame batting positions. For years, Stan Heaton held firm in third place on the batsmen’s list. However, that all changed yesterday with Ben Heap’s remarkable performance. Ben’s innings of 52 not only secured a victory but also propelled him past Heaton’s career total of 7,939 runs. Remarkably, Ben is now only 151 runs away from surpassing Brian Higgin for second place—an achievement that seems imminent, likely to occur in weeks rather than months.

As Ben approaches this milestone, one can’t help but reflect on the proud lineage he represents. With his uncle Chris currently holding the top spot, the Heap family will soon boast the two highest scorers in the club’s entire history—a testament to their enduring legacy.

But Ben’s rise isn’t the only movement in the batting list this year. Francois Haasbroek and Jonny Whitehead have also made notable strides. Paddy Martin, on the cusp of joining the elite players on both the batting and bowling lists, may have to wait beyond 2024 due to potential lack of opportunities.

Francois Haasbroek’s potential for a 500-run season could propel him up the ranks, possibly even surpassing Joe Cook, the highest Club run scorer before the Second World War. And while Jonny Whitehead resumes his ascension after a hiatus, surpassing the 4,000-run mark and even overtaking Ken Tranter and William Whittaker is well within reach.

In the realm of bowling, Paddy Martin and Joe Hawke are poised for advancement. Paddy’s progress towards the 400-wicket barrier may see him surpassing legendary figures like Billy Cook this season. Meanwhile, Joe Hawke’s likely climb up the ranks could see him overtaking notable names such as Manny Martindale and Ernie Smith.

In the domain of wicketkeeping, Joe Martin’s stellar record suggests he will inevitably surpass Brian Higgin to claim the number one spot. However, this milestone is expected to occur in 2025 or 2026, given Joe’s consistent performance and fine injury record.

As our club’s history continues to be written, these shifts in the Hall of Fame serve as reminders of the enduring talent and legacy within our ranks.

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