A thank you – Stans Chairman’s Column


Worsley Cup Final thankyou

On behalf of the players and committee, can I thank all those who contributed to the occasion on Sunday. The support as ever was beyond comparison and I have no doubt helped see us over the line in what was an enthralling game. Fair play to Burnley too who as we would expect played the game hard, then stayed behind to the end to sample the after match atmosphere.

The effort from helpers in setting up the facilities was magnificent and it was only matched by the band of members who turned up impromptu on Monday to begin the herculean clean-up.

Special mention to 2 members who were hospitalised for the cause. Gary Ingham cracked his head on the cellar doorway and John Dawson was treated for blood poisoning following an encounter with a horse fly whist transporting cans around the ground. Best wishes to both and a speedy recovery. We have no news on the horse fly other that it was last seen flying off in an unsteady manner.

Update on members

A number of people have enquired about members this season who haven’t been seen as much as previously…

Good news on Jack Foster and Peter Mawdsley, both of whom are recovering well from major surgery. It was good to see Peter on the ground Sunday

Donald Coates continues to keep in touch from West Yorkshire and Robert Weir has been visited by Bob Spencer and is as well as can be expected following a fall.


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