An Open Message From Stan

Further to the news this week that another of the clubs talented junior players has chosen to leave Lowerhouse in a bid to further his cricket career, cricket manager Stan Heaton was asked for his comments on how the club can try to ensure that the time, finance and effort that is out into developing young players remains of benefit to Lowerhouse and not other teams across the County.  This is what he said:-

“As I have said previously, it is often difficult to match personal ambition with club and team requirements. It is even more difficult to extol the virtues of patience and team spirit and carefully balanced individual development, with parents and players who want only instant gratification.

I can assure all juniors and all parents that myself and those coaches and managers working with the players, endeavour to do what is best for the individual as well as the team. If all this experienced and knowledgeable opinion does not fit the individual’s ‘must have’ wish list, then I’m afraid we can do no more.

It is very sad. We make no criticism and bear no grudges with any junior, or senior who chooses to leave the club.

I only ask that those who find themselves in this position remember that we have invested a lot of time, effort, emotion and care in bringing up juniors.

The least we can ask is for some dialogue before such decisions are made. None of us are paid and we have 180 junior and senior players at the club. We cannot guarantee to physically provide the reassurance often needed to players who are unhappy or concerned at the instance it is needed.  But we will do our best. All of us are approachable and I can promise you your case will be listened to and answered truthfully.  

On behalf of the coaching staff – best wishes good luck for the coming season”

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