Another Gem from Anne Cochrane 

Notes by Anne Cochrane

I note Evan liked our last item, and I thought he and others might like to see, or be reminded of,  the attached snap published in the Burnley Express  which was taken on a Wednesday evening coaching session while he was our pro, 1982, together with Bill Holt, an ex pro who used to coach the youngsters.I love this picture, there are so many familiar faces on it, but especially for me my son Neil McSweeney is right in the middle in front of Frank Entwistle (!), my nephew Ian Cochrane is second from left on the front row, my niece Catherine Cochrane is the only girl, and my other nephew Steven is just visible at the back from his eyebrows up, behind Dave Keeley’s son.  Dave Keeley and Graham Bushell are in the background. Paul Stansfield is looking shy on the right.

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