Last of the Barleywine – Walters' Tales (Episode 1 and 2)

Last of the Barleywine is an audio series of recollections from Walter Barleywine, stalwart of the Lancashire League. He has been watching Lancashire League Cricket for 40 years and has recorded his memoirs and recollections to share with the youth of today. Although times were hard back in his day the Lancashire League was thriving.

He will take us on his journey, how he saw it and will recollect tales, with Lancashire League legends guest featuring. Walter has followed Lancashire League Cricket all his life and has approached Lowerhouse and their website team to serialize his thoughts in the run up to the 2014 season.

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We bring you the first two parts in an extensive series which will be featuring on BBC7 and will have re-runs on Dave in the winter months. See below for tonights special, launch two parter…

Episode 1

Episode 2


Stay tuned for more enthralling and gripping short stories, coming soon…

Walter kindly sent us some of his favourite photos via Twitter. You can follow him here

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