Ben passes 1000 runs in all competitions! 

Ben Heap this weekend passed 1000 runs in all competitions this season. Coming from playing in 30 games and batting 28 innings he has scored:

  • 646 League runs
  • 184 Twenty20 runs
  • 215 LCB Cup Runs
  • 18 Worlsey Cup Runs
  • 1063 Total Runs

Ben is the first in quite a while to do this feat as an amateur, Jonny Whitehead scored 908 in 2013 and 979 in 2015 and Matt Walker scored 854 in 2015. 

The record breaking knock of 175 has certainly helped matters. 

Which other amateur has ever scored over 1000 runs in all competitions and when? 

Get in touch via social media with who and when and we’ll continue our investigations.

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