Best day of 2018?

As 2018 draws to an end, we’re in a bit of a reflective mood – what was your best day of 2018?

I’m pretty sure most if not all Lowerhouse fans would say our best day was Sunday 5th August: The Worsley Cup final. Here’s a little run down of the day as it happened.

A gate (of £6469), never seen before in modern Lancashire League history, beating our previous 2004 record of £4951.50 made the ground packed and buzzing for the first ever Lowerhouse/Burnley derby final.

We threw a drone in the air and captured some amazing photos.

The work that went on behind the scenes couldn’t be explained in a website post. It was a monumental effort and certainly an “I was there moment”. Fans travelled from far and wide with over 15 hospitality tents lining the boundary.

Paul Hargreaves wrote a great “Guest Report” which lives now in the history books. You can read it here. 

The final moments were filmed by Adam and can be watched here

Our volunteer photographers captured the day with brilliance. Bryn Barnes focused on the audience more than the cricket. His album is below.

Joey Hawke’s knock finished the day off with some emotional scenes, as Lowerhouse won the Worsley Cup beating their rivals, Burnley. Scorecard here.

I’ll leave you with Paul Hargreaves famous last words of his write up:

“Collie Smith; Charlie Griffiths; Roland Harrison; Peter Brown; Michael Brown; David Brown; Allcock and Brown; Gary Robertson for 1 crucial game in 1982; Bharrat Tripathi and the ever present Sir Kenneth Shapcott, your boys took a hell of a beating!”

Paul Hargreaves – 2018

What were your favourite memories of 2018? Get in touch on social media.

Chris Bleazard made the above video – give it a watch!

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