Big Thank You – Paul at Jay-Care, cares!

As we reported last week sadly our groundsman’s hut was broken into last Friday with some items stolen namely a Green John Deere Mower and a Red Rotary Mower

On behalf of everyone at the club we would like to take the opportunity to thank all our neighbours and the residents of Lowerhouse and Rosegrove for the help and assistance in terms of information and CCTV supplied.

Incidents like this have fortunately been few and far between for us at the club, that said it is a reminder to us to, that people continue to operate outside of the law even in these strange times and as such we should continue to be every vigilant.

Over the weekend I was delighted to receive a message from Paul Anderson , owner and Managing Director of Jay-Care Stairlift & Mobility of Keirby and on behalf of the company wanted to make a contribution towards replacement fund

Acts of kindness like Paul’s should not go un-noticed and on behalf of the club and its members we are extremely grateful

Secretary Frank Entwistle

Visit Pauls website here

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