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Just so people know, we have a small collection of League handbooks, mostly courtesy of Alan Hardy, plus some more recently from Ernie Whittaker, and if anyone would like to look at any of them, we would be happy to make them available.

Lancashire League Handbooks

1987, (1988 missing), 1989 to 2001 (2002 missing) 2003 to 2017.

Until 1999 the Handbooks featured a team photo for all the League teams, although the print quality can be quite poor. As from 1999 they only contain photos of trophy winners. If anyone can complete the run by donating 1988 and 2002 that would be nice, and Anne would be happy to receive any prior to 1987 but is  not keeping any beyond 2017 due to lack of space, but perhaps someone would/does?

Cricket Punch, Frank Worrell, 1969, autobiography. This book is particularly interesting as it includes his time playing in Lancashire, and profiles  many of the famous West Indians who played League cricket

Ashes Books

Anne also has the following books  about historic Ashes Series (also courtesy of Alan Hardy) if anyone wants any of them get in touch:

A Tale of Two Tests (Australia v West Indies, Brisbane, 1960) (Australia v England, Old Trafford 1961) Richie Benaud

Denis Compton’s Test Diary 1964 (Australian Tour of England, 1964)

Phoenix from the Ashes, Mike Brearley (The England-Australia Series 1981)

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