Brian Moorhouse feature..

After this weeks post about Brian Moorhouse, Stan got in touch;

Brian was a very tidy all rounder and I had the pleasure of playing second eleven cricket with him. I was the first eleven scorer during his first eleven days and to play with him in later years was a real experience for a 14 year old. What a character. 

Brian had left the police before I joined but he had legendary status as a thief taker and of course a personality. 

I was told that one of his regular football duties was to man the police box at the Wellington lights putting his own personal stamp on point duty. On one occasion a particularly myopic driver ignored Brian’s repeated signal to advance until Brian dismounted the box, sank to his knees in front of the car, clasped his hands in a religious fashion  and pleaded with the driver to move off.

On another occasion a box van ignored his number one stop signal and as the van drew alongside Brian, from his elevated position he thumped the van side. The driver anchored on, the back doors flew open and 30 piglets ran out on to Yorkshire Street. It took Brian and the farmer 2 hours to round them up. 

My favourite memory of Brian was of his wit and repartee as a spectator. He always barracked the opposition with good humour and applauded the opposition batsman off after due banter.

On this particular occasion the opposition batsman was out second ball without scoring. After catcalls and some derision Brian duly started the applause as the dejected batsman reached the boundary edge, no doubt had his spirits raised as Brian shouted “hard lines lad” but quickly dashed as Brian added “just like my school report, tried hard, failed miserably”.

Brian had of course been immortalised in Mark Whiteheads 2004 cup final CD telling his marvelous story of a club trip to Blackpool. (You can hear that below)

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