DEADLINE DAY: Last day to renew and get your free EPOS credit

Today is the last day (up until midnight) where you can take advantage of the free EPOS credit (money on your card for behind the bar) if you renew or take out a new membership.

Secretary Frank Entwistle confirmed there will be no increase in 2019 subscriptions details as follows:

New cards will be issued with all subscriptions paid for 2019 valid period of the cards will be 1/4/2019-31/3/2020

Balances on current cards will be uploaded onto new cards as efficiently as possible after 31/3/2019 when all old cards will be invalidated.

Type Fee EPOS Credit applicable if
paid by 31/3/2019
£ £
150 Club Couple 120 20
150 Club Single 80 15
Patron 60 10
Vice President 55 10
Members 50 10
Senior Citizen 25 5
Non – Player JU18 10 0
Player 100 10
Player JU15 and Under 70 5
Player JU18 and under 75 5

How to pay:

The easiest way to pay is by PayPal below using a credit or debit card – you can multiple add memberships to your cart and check out all at once rather than individually.

For Tech support text or WhatsApp Adam Hope 07568590822 or message us on Facebook or Twitter

You can still pay by cash or Cheque to Frank in the usual way or to Stan at winter nets 

2019 Subs
EPOS card number – NA IF NEW