Extra Team For House

Lowerhouse CC will be running an extra senior side this season.

The idea is to try and get more cricket for those younger players who miss out on 1st or 2nd team cricket. This is caused by the large number of available adults, the number of promising juniors and the low number of 3rd XI games.

Accordingly most weekends in the season we will have a friendly with the Ribblesdale League 3rd XI club that is without a fixture in their calendar. Most matches will be at the away ground.

The fixture list is currently being compiled with only one team so far declining  to play *SO PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE AND PRESS FOR DETAILS EACH WEEK*

Just a word on selection  in general and for the above team:-

As everyone will have noticed, we have terrific competition for places this season in all senior teams. We will try to do our very best to accommodate everyone but no doubt someone will be unhappy at some stage.

If a player is left out of a team for a specific reason (loss of form for example), they will be spoken to and advised/encouraged.

If a player is left out simply because we can only pick 11 and we feel we have picked the best eleven for that particular game  we can only ask that players accept that and take it on the chin and keep battling away. Players should not expect to walk back into a team if they miss a fixture.

Selection for the 3rd XI games within the Lancashire League will be based on merit. The strongest team will be selected.

Selection for the 3XIF (3XI Friendly) team will depend on a number of factors such as:-

  •  Strength of the opposition ( if they turn out a team of 14year olds – we will – etc)
  • Under 21s who are too old for the u 17s and are not selected forthe 2nd team will be prioritised, subject to the above.
  • Promising youngsters from u 13 to u 17 age group will be blooded.

Those junior players who currently play for Belvedere 3XI will continue to do so but LHCC will have first call for Lancs. League 3XI fixtures. Belvedere will have priority for the 3XIF games.

Hopefully this way we can ensure that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip.

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