Further Weekend Teams

Apologies for the delay in publication but this has been the most problematic selection in 20 years of the process. I would like to thank those who have remained available to assist both the Third Eleven and Fourth Eleven in maintaining their promotion push. In particular Keagan de Vries returning from Leeds early with dad potentially making a round trip. Similarly Charlie Fee returning from Somerset.

Third Eleven versus Crompton (Home)
Meet Lowerhouse noon

  1. Metcalfe P
  2. Aurangzeb
  3. Cain
  4. Chir Y
  5. De Vries T
  6. Elliott H
  7. Masson wk
  8. Metcalfe D
  9. Simm D
  10. Whitham
  11. Williams

Scorer Mr. W. De Vries
Umpire Mr. G. Howley
Reserves. See Fourth Eleven

Same team Monday Rishton away. Meet Rishton noon. With Elliott R,  De Vries K and Johnstone for Cain, Simm D and Masson (Fourth Eleven)

Fourth Eleven versus Accrington (Away)
Meet Accrington noon

  1. Mukhtar
  2. Ali S.
  3. Broome C
  4. Broome J
  5. Carr -Oddie
  6. Fee
  7. Monk
  8. Nadeem I
  9. Nadeem Y
  10. Ullah
  11. Watson wk

Reserves Ayaz , Sadaqat, Tahir,
Manager Mr.R.Watson
Scorer Dawud Nadeem
Umpire Mr. J. Curran

Same team Monday Rawtenstall away, meet Rawtenstall noon. With Masson (Wk) for Monk and Edwards added to the reserves

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