He’s coming home! An interview with Jonny Whitehead

Lowerhouse are so pleased to welcome back one of our own Jonny Whitehead after leaving in 2015 to become a professional in other leagues. Jonny is a born and raised Lowerhouser with many a family link and has decided its time to come back to where he belongs.

As usual, our resident Micheal Parkinson (less Yorkshire), Paul Hargreaves had a number of questions for Jonny and we’d like to share them with you.

Hi Jonny. Great to see you back on home turf in 2019 and very much back where you belong.

Q 1. 2015 was your last season with Lowerhouse. Tell us briefly about the cricket you’ve played since then?

I went proing for Woodbank Cricket Club for 2 full seasons then last season I was with Bradford & Bingley.

Q 2. You nearly always opened the batting with Lowerhouse. Is that still your preferred position in the batting line-up?

The squad is as strong as ever at the moment and my discussion with Ben will be what fits best for me, Ben and the team.

Q 3. You’ve passed 50 twenty times for the ‘House but never quite reached a century, although ironically, you have a Lancs League hundred for Enfield. Are you hopeful of putting that right this year?

Absolutely! I’m looking forward to the season like always but this year I’m back home which I’ve missed since leaving and I’m hoping this will be a season full of success.

Q 4. You are returning to the Worsley Cup winners and a team that only lost 2 League games in 2018. You must have high hopes for the team this season?

It’s great to see the side has had lot’s of success in the last 3 season, I’m hoping the lads still have plenty of fire in their bellies to continue the momentum they have from last season and follow it through in to this one.

Q 5. Did you watch the Worsley Cup final? And was it frustrating missing out on playing in such a huge game?

What a game! It was great being a spectator that day with emotions fluctuating up and down throughout. I was certainly happy to settle as a spectator.

Q 6. When you first started I nicknamed you ‘The Kid’ because you were such a good player at a young age. At the end of the season you’ll reach the mid-20’s mark. Do you still think there could be still any further improvement in your batting?

Always room for improvement, I have plenty to work on all the time just like everyone else. Joe Martin will be permanently oined I can tell you that. Thanks Joe.

Q 7. Your dad is a life long Lowerhouser, as a player, coach, official and general supporter. In the past 3 seasons he’s had to divide his time and emotion between watching you and watching Lowerhouse. Is he pleased about your return so he can concentrate on one game per day?

Mark Whitehead is a Don. He’ll certainly no longer be getting mixed up in with which hat to put on whilst he’s spectating. He’s over the moon about me coming back, I remember his eyes lighting up the day I came home and told him about my decision to return.

Thanks for your time Jonny – looking forward to seeing you make an impact this season.

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