How Lowerhouse finally got their man 1935/6 (Part 1)

By Anne Cochrane

This is another  “matters arising” prompted by  the committee minute book 1934-1940, the previous one was about a little local difficulty between Helm Spencer and Burnley in 1937.

In order of importance, matters discussed at the meetings seem to have been

  • Beer, the social club and keeping an eye on the club steward (“resolved that the steward’s stock be  taken again and that we examine the steward’s books” 14/8/34)
  • Matters relating to the ground and the decrepit old mower (not the groundsman although they felt they had to watch him too),  building maintenance and general improvements (“that we purchase 3 Sanitary Pails” 7/5/35) (and yes they are what they sound like.)
  • Committee and players’ picnics; (Picnic = Day out at the end of the season)

(“resolved that the Committee provide a chara for the players Picnic to Blackpool on Sept. 29”  6/9/34)

(“resolved that the Club pays the bill for damage done by the players to Wright’s chara whilst on their Picnic.  Damage 12/6.  Cost of Chara £6/5/0 “17/10/34)

For the younger reader Chara = charabanc = a coach

Lots of other stuff and er….oh yes


Usually this was confined to accepting the League Rep’s report, and picking the teams for the next one or two games and general match admin.  However, in June 1935, it was decided to tell the then pro J R Milne, that he would not be re-engaged for a third season.  We then learn how they found a replacement, in the days when agents were unknown, telephones were rare, communication was by letter and transport probably was by train, but then it was The Golden Age of Steam, so no problem there.  The Committee therefore threw themselves selflessly into the task, being obliged to have several little excursions in the process. Note – Professionals are usually referred to by their surnames only, whereas committeemen are always Mr. or Messrs.

Messrs. Drabble and Walker were despatched to Greenfield on July 6th to watch           Schofield of Flowery Field. (The picturesquely named Flowery Field still play in Lancashire County League.  Mind you Rose Grove sounds lovely too.)

Messrs. Drabble and Constantine were to visit West Houghton to watch their pro Harrison.

Messrs. Redman and Constantine were to visit Bradford to watch Douglas, of Bradford.

  1. Howorth of Worcestershire was to be written to for his terms and more enquiries were to be made re EA Jemmott of Canada! (EA Jemmott played for Montreal from 1932-1939.)

More to follow tomorrow…

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