Introducing HOUSE LIONS


After 157 years of existence – Lowerhouse Cricket Club have made a monumental decision regarding the future of the club.

From 1st June 2019, the club will be changing its name to “House Lions”. This is to bring our club and brand in line with County Cricket, similar to Warwickshire changing to the Birmingham Bears. In addition to this, we have changed our club colours to a more royal blue and white, modelling on the local Championship football team, which has had more recent success than even local team Burnley FC.

Managing Director Matthew Stansfield said: “It’s 2019 not 1994. Gone are the days where we need to make a charity cassette single to keep our tea room roof from falling off. Granted, this decision wasn’t taken lightly, by the committee but it’s something we’ve needed to do for a long while.”

The website logo and social media accounts have already been updated to reflect this announcement and if you’ve bought our old kit, well, tough – the new one is on sale next week.

We will then, delete the History Books from the website and start a fresh, as the House Lions.





(This, of course was an April Fools!)