Junior and Senior Match Reports




Bacup 2XI 83 all out                             Lowerhouse 2XI 84 – 6  


Jamie Woodall 5-24                                Ben Uttley 29*

Tom Bridge 2-14                                     Josh Lavin 13


A difficult win on a tough track


Church 3XI 83 all out                                     LHCC 3XI 86-2


Dec Stansfield 5-19                                 Danny Simm 28*

James Wheatcroft 2-4                              Jack Moodie 25

Jack Moodie 2-14                                    Ben Uttley 19*

Harry Wheatcroft (wk) 6 catches


An excellent victory against a top team containing 2 first team cricketers. A remarkable performance behind the sticks by Wheatcroft minor







The under 15 Dolphins are the u15s 2Xi and comprised mainly of under 14s. The team is in division 2 but all of the teams they play are first teams.


The under 15 Barracudas is the u15s 3XI and the side includes those who didn’t feature in the other 2 under 15s teams that week and developing under 13s  


Church u15 94 -6                       LHCC U15 Dolphins 64-3


                                       James Wearden 13                   

                                       Harry Wheatcroft 13

                                       Kheiro Chir 12

                                       Yanis Chir 10

The innings got bogged down.



LHCC u15 Dolphins 119-5   Ribblesdale Wanderers u15 72-6


Sam Molloy 39

James Wearden 28

Harry Wheatcroft 10**    

Joseph Halstead 11

Max Dawson 10


Better scoring and against a strong team


LHCC u15 Dolphins 95-1     Accrington u15 95-4


Caleb Greenhalgh 50*

Sam Molloy 32*                         

Josh Waddington 19*

Ben Woodall 17

Yanis Chir 13


A very exciting tie and first points of the season. Congratulations to Caleb Greenhalgh on his maiden 50 for the Dolphins


East Lancs u15 74-9                LHCC U15 Barracudas 74 -7


Brooklyn Dobbie 3-19                Thomas Halstead 20

Emily Gibbins 2-4                   Aman Singh 19

Eddie turner 2-16



All 3 under 15s teams tying in the same week.



Bacup u15 111 -2      LHCC U15 Barracudas 113 for 4


Yousaf Nadeem 2-36             Caleb Greenhalgh 53*

                                Thomas Halstead 31


The first win of the season.  


LHCC u15 Barracudas 167-2     Rishton u15 (2)98-7


Aman Singh 50*           

Josh Waddington 50*       Caleb Greenhalgh 2-13

Ibrahim Rehman 24             

Two maiden 50’s

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