Keep Father Brian at Christ the King – We need your help!

Father Brian has been an avid supporter of the club for many years. Unfortunately, proposals have been made to move him from his Parish of Christ the King to Darwen.

Father Brian has been an integral part of the community at Christ the King for over 14 years.

He has been instrumental in building not only a much-loved and needed religious community but also a social community that is inclusive of people from different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

He works tirelessly to ensure that there is a place for all and to help those in need – arranging and participating in charity, inter-faith and social events. As a result, we are proud to have a vibrant Parish where services are well attended by young and old , and where Parishioners are motivated and encouraged to play an active Christian role in society. However, we also acknowledge that there is further room for growth, improvement and to spread the word within the wider community of Burnley. Father Brian is well known and much loved, not only in his own Parish but across the town – an approachable and relatable Priest who has, and who continues to work to bring people back into the fold, and to unite the wider community – a skill that is ever more required to ensure the Church thrives in today’s secular society.

Father Brian is being moved to Darwen as part of a restructure within the Diocese – we are urging the Diocese to reconsider this decision. As part of the communication of the planned changes, the Bishop stated “Adjustment and change is required to meet the continuing needs and challenges of a changing world.” Father Brian has spent 14 years ensuring that his Parish adjusts and changes in often challenging circumstances – but we believe there is more to be done, and that his continuing support and guidance is still needed within the Parish of Christ the King.

Please can you sign the petition here, so we can do our part in trying to stop this happening.

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