League Structure Update

There was plenty of questions, discussions this weekend as Phase 2 of the Lancashire League approaches:

As it stands here is the current table

Clubs have either 5 or 6 games left in phase 1 which ends  on Sunday 30th July 2017. At this point clubs in positions 1-9 will be placed in Division 1 and clubs places in positions 10-17 will be places in Division 2 at this stage all clubs in Division 1 will pay each other again the same scenario for Division 2 all points won will be carried forward into the respective league. Division 1 clubs would play 8 additional fixtures with division 2 completing a further 7 matches. Fixtures for Phase 2 will be released as quickly but, they might take some sorting out. If we use the current table as an example: Lowerhouse sit in 6th and would qualify to play in Division 1.

Ideally where possible fixtures would look to reverse those initial Phase 1 but at present 5 of the 9 clubs in the qualifying positions, we have played at home,  so we might see a scenario where we play one of the sides again in Phase 2 at the same venue as we did in phase 1. House v Burnley perhaps? Clitheroe? Only time will tell. A poor run now might see us in Division 2 and a great run by sides 10th-12th or so might see them into the mix.

Plenty of food for thought and plenty can change over the next intense period between now and 30th July, all to play for – we will update you via the club’s website and social media platforms as quickly as we can, let’s enjoy the fantastic weather at present, get down and support your local clubs!

Frank Entwistle

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