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2 XI Match v Todmorden rained off





Ramsbottom 3XI   170-9                       LHCC 3XI 162-all out


Joey Stein 5-26                                            Ben Woodall 40*

                                                                     Joey Stein 31

                                                                     Harry Wheatcroft 19

                                                                     Josh Sutcliffe 18

                                                                     Ross Birchall 17

                                                                     Jack Simm 13

                                                                    Alex Claridge – Ingham 13



LHCC U19 T20     64 all out                             Read U19 T20 65-1


Dec Stansfield 23

Harry Halstead 13


Off – field news


Thanks to Dave Smalley for the spray painting of the boundary walls and sightscreen, and to Craig Marsden/ Scott Hope for fixing/supplying the security light.

Thanks too to Bob Spencer for the acquisition of the TV for the West End room and special mention to stalwart Dave Waddington for taking the day off work to assist with T20 ground preparations. Dave’s work on match days with the covers, mowing and pitch marking is invaluable. He has certainly come a long way since marking lines wherever he felt like putting one and trying to mow a tree.


Two new advertising hoardings have gone up for Pendle Carpets and Wallpaper Central and many thanks to these and all our sponsors.


The roller has been christened and signed “Gloria B ” as a thank you to Gloria Bleazard who paid for the repairs to it. Dave Bleazard has been a great help to me too in the last few seasons with his physical assistance and advice
Matthew Stansfield celebrates his birthday by match sponsoring the Burnley game. Many happy returns to Matthew (age undisclosed). It is understood that clubs prodigal son Gav Shields will be in attendance and he will be happy to take questions on his Christmas time assertion that Sean Dyche had no Plan B.


Cricket matters
A number of our youngsters have been undergoing County trails this last few weeks .This is a very difficult process with the standard being quite astonishing. There are hundreds of cricket clubs in Lancashire and all have a great player in the age groups. Congratulations to Henri Cottam who has remained in the County system from last season.

District fixtures have commenced and until this week we have struggled. However all 3 teams recorded wins this week. These matches will be reported soon but in the meantime, as District Chairman, can I thank the coaches from Burnley and Lowerhouse who run the teams and the parents from both clubs who staff the tea rooms. (Charlie Cottam u11s, Wendy Taylor u13s, Dave Nicholas u15s). We are a very small District but punch above our weight both on and off the field and I am very proud of the efforts of all concerned.


Todmorden u17, 15 for 0 – RAIN STOP PLAY

U15 Cup semi final

Ramsbottom u15 138-6                         LHCC U15 Sharks 124 -6         


Yousaf Nadeem 3-18                               Tom Halstead 50*                                    

                                                                  Jack Simm 19

                                                                  Yanis Chir 14                                             

                                                                  Alex Sutcliffe 10


Nelson u15 105 -7                                  LHCC u15 Dolphins 78-7


Ibrahim Rehman 3-10                            Caleb Greenhalgh 14

Aman Singh 2-16                                    Max Ingham 13*

                                                                Luke Mulcahy 10



Accrington u15 113-2                             LHCC u15 Barracudas 64-9                   

                                                                  Aden Mohammed 11*


Cup round 2 – conceded by Rawtenstall


Cup semi final

LHCC u13 Panthers 112-5      v  Todmorden u13 106-8


Aman Singh 31*                          Jack Spence 3-4

Yousaf Nadeem 30*                     Yousaf Nadeem 2- 17

Keagan de Vries 17


Longridge u13 242-5                           LHCC u13 Cougars 213-13                


Oliver Spendlove 2-3                          Keagan de Vries 21

                                                             Joel Sharpe 13

                                                             George Durkin 13

                                                             Henri Cottam 12

 LCB u11 Cup Round 2


Great Harwood U11 192- 9                  LHCC U11 Bears 346- 5                     


Rory Cormack 2-11                         Henri Cottam 26*    

George Durkin 24*                          Declan Metcalfe 21 

                                                           Keagan de Vries 19*

                                                           Joel Sharpe 18

                                                           Oliver Spendlove 18

                                                           Rory Cormack 15*     



LHCC U11 Cubs 230-7                   Burnley 253-3


Callum Hughes 17

Sam Hancock 13


LHCC u9 262-1                        Bacup u9 245– 7


Isa Nadeem 14*                         Eliza Cottam 2-1

Myles Carr- Oddie 13*             Archie Howorth 2-5

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