Meeting our MP

A joint initiative by the League Cricket Conference, Club Cricket Conference and the Midlands Club Cricket Conference.

Clubs were encouraged to improve the profile of their club by getting closer to the decision-makers in your area. Our target is to get clubs throughout England and Wales to invite their MP to visit their club on Saturday 6th July.

Burnley MP has kindly agreed to take time out of his busy schedule and attend Lowerhouse V Bacup Saturday 6/7/2013 to discuss issues facing club’s at these times.

Club across the county and country are struggling, not just financially, but also in terms of the administrative burdens imposed on hard working volunteers.

As unincorporated bodies club officials are in a particularly vulnerable position and help is desperately needed to keep the clubs afloat.

It’s not all bad news however, tremendous progress has been made in recent years, we have more coaches than ever, we have more youngsters enjoying club life than ever, and clubs provide a valuable community service, particularly in taking cricket into the local schools, but help is needed if this is to be maintained.

A clear case exists within communities which identify sport and recreation as socially beneficial in that children are less likely to get involved in anti-social behaviour if they are actively involved in sport, and they remain healthier.

Clubs need to promote themselves within their community, telling the community what they do and how they do it and need to explain the vital role they play in the welfare of the community, and make friends with the community decision-makers.

So the target is to get every MP in England and Wales to attend a local cricket club on Saturday 6th July.

The event will be co-ordinated by the Conferences who after the event will produce a summary of its achievements.

We recognise that not every constituency in England and Wales may have a cricket club within its boundaries; nevertheless the target will be to ensure that the majority of MP’s in England and Wales attend at least one club on that day.

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