More from the history books – Stan’s Grandad

Anne Cochrane has kindly found these in the archive. We thought you might be interested in the attached images.  Both of them are related to the Grand Bazaar held by the club in April 1914 to try to clear their debts.

Interestingly they named the officials shown, and Stan’s Grandad is Mr. M(atthew) Walker, second left on the back row.  Therefore, it is also possible to identify Stan’s grandad on the second image which is a rather better one, as it is scanned from the Bazaar brochure, but doesn’t name names, however Stan’s Grandad is  clearly right  in the middle of the next to back row, as befits the Hon. Sec. of the Bazaar Committee.   Stan is therefore carrying on his Grandad’s tradition of commitment to the club, more than a century later!

Anne personally thinks there is a resemblance, but it’s hard to tell with that moustache…