One for Farooq…

After a debate on Twitter, this gem unearthed from the archive – and is a valuable lesson for all you juniors out there.

Matt Hope, Matt Stanny, Adam and Jez Hope were debating all things mankad, run outs and stumpings.

In 2001 a ball of action was filmed which will go down in folklore. 2001 was the year Jon Kent was professional and had to go home very early due to injury. The game (scorecard here) was against East Lancashire and our sub pro “M Farrukh” (his only ever Lancashire League match) hits the ball and shouts two. As you can see from the video Matt runs (turning blind…) and looks for the ball and the second run – the ball is already in the keepers gloves, who takes the bails off and Matt is run out.

Gary Moorhouse took the video and is commentator for the video – shouting to the tally boy (probably me!) “One for Farrukh”

Video below


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