Player numbered Lowerhouse Baggy Blue caps

After the recent great research work (click link for more info), we now have unique player numbers for all ex and current LHCC first team representatives. We have had requests from ex-players about the availability of the baggy blue caps to purchase as a momento of their time as a player at the club.

We also have a number of current players whose caps are falling into a state of disarray due to extended use since they were first presented in 2011 and since the official numbers are now available they too may be interested in purchasing a replacement.

As a result we have decided to make available to all current and ex-first team a new cap for a retail price of £25.

These caps will have the club crest, official player number and also be initialled at the back, so if you are interested please supply the required initials and cap number.

Please register your interest by clicking here and sending an email and we will be in touch.