Player Spotlight – An Interview with Joey Hawke!

Seen as we gave you an update from Jonny yesterday, its only fair we include the other “Idiot Abroad” (only joking of course!)

We took the time to ask Joey a few questions, he decided to write back in one big paragraph, so this is what he has to say!
“G’Day matey,

 All is well out in the bush…I’m playing for a team called Coomoora in the DDCA turf one league, funny name I know! Performance wise I feel I have bowled really well, taken 14 wickets up to now, not much fun bowling on roads week in week out I tell you! Not really been required to use my long handle…no ends like the park end anyway! Some big hits required. The team has struggled to be fair, a very young side, could do with someone like blez in the line up (old duffer) had our ups and downs but we’ve played well the past couple of weeks so we can build on that. Missing all the lads from Lowerhouse, miss the craic, and the boxing surprisingly, not getting knocked out by Ben though…and I miss bowling on green seamers haha! Roll on running in on Liverpool road again. Miss the family side back at home as well, found Christmas and new year pretty tough being out here on my own, so be good to see everyone when I’m back. Nothing id change about the house, looking forward to coming back and getting straight into the swing of things and hopefully winning back out titles! UTH! 

Plenty of funny incidents have happened over here, a number with JW as you can probably guess, 2 clowns in the city is never a good idea…but I won’t forget breaking down in the middle of a packed freeway with no battery on my phone for a while, ending up having to push the car 2 mile down the road to find help whilst everyone else stuck the vs up at me! Poms in Oz ey!”



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