Player Spotlight – An interview with Jonny Whitehead!

We’ve taken some time to speak to our amateurs that have taken refuge in warmer climates over the winter. We’ll be bringing you some feature articles about what they have been up to and how they are performing. One of them is Jonny Whitehead. I asked JW a few questions to see how he was getting on;

Good evening/morning Johnny!

–          G’day!

How are you doing?

–          I’m doing alright, not played as much as I’d have liked to…

Why is that?

–          The weather! Unbelievably is been unfit to play for a few weeks!

Who are you playing for?

–          A team called East Keilor CC in Victoria

Are you still playing well? How’s the form?

–          I’ve played 9 matches and I’ve scored 329 runs, so I’m averaging around 35 more or less. I’m the 5 highest run scorer in the league! As for the team, we aren’t doing too great, we’ve won 3 out of the 9.

Are you missing anything from sunny Lowerhouse?

– I miss the family side to it, none of that here what so ever, very little amount of socialising unfortunately, the thing I miss the most about England is probably just being around the family, the absence from the them has made it a little hard at times but I got through it.

What do you miss about England in general?

– We probably need to catch up on some drinking, if it was the one thing i learnt, because these Aussies are mad for the stuff! (I can drink them under the table though…)

When are you back?

–          I’m back April 1st looking forward to it, be going hard training in the nets straight away with ol’ man, so yeah I’m looking forward to it!

Anything funny happened since you’ve been in Aus?

–          My funniest story would be the first week being there; It was a Wednesday, I got there the Friday before, I was netting, and I was the nets but over here they have no roof net, so I creams this ball miles over the nets straight as a bullet, smash! Straight through a window, of a house owned by a couple of Italians who were pretty old, the man had a stroke just the week before so it was pretty awkward, cost me 200 dollars leaving 50 dollars left out of my first pay slip!


Thanks for that Johnny! Enjoy the rest of your season and make sure you keep up the good form for when you are back!

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