Player Spotlight – An interview with Josh Lavin

Whilst a few of the lads are in Australia, we thought it would be good to speak to the other parts of the world too! Josh Lavin has been playing in New Zealand. We asked him a few questions;

Who are you playing for?

Im playing for a club Called Melville CC in the District of Hamilton.

How are you doing performance wise?

I’m doing better than i thought I would to be honest! Now i’ve got used to the conditions and standard I’m starting to do pretty well which I’m happy with considering I’ve been playing against first class players every week and on the odd occasion international players who have stayed over here after the ICC World Cup Qualifiers!

What do you miss about Lowerhouse?

The lads and the training setups! Just wish i could bring the ‘family’ feel over here, I’m sure it would show in our performances too!

What do you miss about England?

Not much really! Obviously its hard being away from Family and friends over the Xmas/New Year/Birthday period but I can’t complain with 25 degrees heat and going to the beach most weekends can I?

If you could change one thing about the club that you have learnt whilst you were away what would it be?

Nothing at all ! Although each team does get a free box of beer after every game! Maybe something to bring up at the next LHCC meeting?

When are you back?

I’m back at the start of April , gives me a chance to have a few net sessions with the lads and get back into it.

Anything else?

One of my better memories has to be facing a Burnley CC rival and my best mate Cole Hayman. Just like at home we played for rival clubs. Best mates off the pitch we might be but it changed completely on it. On a quick bouncy track being pinned by cole on the shoulder and gloves a number times wasn’t the nicest experience I’ve ever had yet watching the fielders fag the leather after smashing him through the covers a few times made up for it!

Getting a chance to play at the NZ Test Groud Seddon Park has to be up there too, especially with a number of current internationals playing. Great Experience!


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