Second Eleven Match Reports


An eventful month sees the second eleven currently in second spot. The month began with a defeat to then leaders nelson , the highs were reached in the victory over current leaders, Ramsbottom, with the low being the poor defeat to Todmorden. The month saw a return to action by Ben Gorton after a long knee injury and a brief return by Jonathon Finch before work took over again. There were a number of good individual performances – detailed below.

Nelson 2XI 208 -4                      LHCC 2XI 201 – all out                   

 Joe Beneduce 50                                       

Phil Haggerty 49

Dec Bailey 21                                

This top of the table clash swung on the two run outs in the Lowerhouse run chase. A valuable 5 points however as nelson are currently ahead of LHCC in the league table’s top 2

LHCC 2XI 243 – 4                            Colne 66 all out                                   

Joe Beneduce 75                            Shaun Heaton 5-36                

Josh Lavin 60*                                Scott Hope 3-34       

Phil Haggerty 43

A comprehensive victory over a normal competitive Colne team, packed with experience. Maiden senior significant performances by Lavin and Heaton

LHCC 2XI 213 all out              Burnley CC 214 -6

Phil Haggerty 44                 Scott Hope 3-34  

Oliver Bayliff 36                Shaun Heaton 2-24

Joe Beneduce 26

Dec Bailey 22

Corey Hope 20

The failure of one of the batsman to stick in and build on a good start meant that the total never reached the heights that it needed too.

Ramsbottom 2XI 204 -9        LHCC 2 XI 208-6

Phil Haggerty 90                Kieran Tighe 4-33   

Lewis Marsden 43              Shaun Heaton 2-33        

Dec Bailey 26

Josh Lavin 23*

A vital result in the quest for silverware

East Lancs 2XI A  167 all out LHCC 170 / 8

Kieran Tighe 4-43       Lewis Marsden 40 =

Josh Lavin 4-54  Rhys Woodworth 30*

Kieran Tighe 23* 

A game which looked lost until Woodworth and Tighe dug in and= saw the team home  very well played indeed lads  

LHCC 2 XI 199  Todmorden 191 =96 5 (rain reduced target)

Josh Lavin 54       Kieran Tighe 3-74

Jon Finch 39        Scott Hope 23

Todmorden 2s chased down the Lowerhouse innings which suffered from no less than 5 rain

Church 2XI 95all out       LHCC 2  XI 99-4  

Sott Hope 21     Phil Haggerty 26

Kieran Tighe 3-24  Ben Gorton 22


A comprehensive bounce back to form.


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