Spectator Notice

Lowerhouse Cricket Club are very pleased to see the large numbers of newcomers, particularly families, visiting the club for junior midweek and weekend senior matches.

We appreciate that for many this is a new experience and the following is designed to assist everyone to have a good time. Please remember that this is not a public park and certain things apply.

Please keep a watchful eye over your children as cricket balls hurt. You should be near enough to your child to protect them from a ball leaving the field of play. Cycling, throwing objects on the pitch and playing football on the square are forbidden for good reason.

The MKM embankment is not our land, has dangers, and is out of bounds so please keep your children off there.

The club is run by volunteers so please assist us by treating the benches, walls, ground,  facilities and fellow spectators with respect. Return your glasses to the bar and please tidy your litter into the bins provided. 

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