Sponsor your favourite player!

We are seeking player sponsors for the 2014 season.

This is your chance to sponsor your favourite player and have your name or your business appear online and on our club room advertising screen.

You can sponsor the pro, Cobus Pienaar for £50 or any other player for £30.

So if you adore Jonny Whitehead, think Blez is a ledge, have a soft spot for Joe Hawke or you think Jon Finch is a God let us know and you can be their personal sponsor.

If you are interested in taking up a player sponsorship, please email details of your chosen player to Matthew Stansfield on matthew@lowerhousecc.com and we will reserve him for you. AlternativeLy, tweet your choice copying @lowerhousecc into your tweet.

Details of each player taken will appear on here and be published on Twitter so people know who’s available.

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