Stans Chairmans Column

The club will be announcing 3 new life members ahead of the AGM (announcement soon).

Vera Corcoran, Margaret Hope and Arthur Hall have all accepted the nomination and we are pleased to recognise their involvement, longevity and loyalty to the club,

I have received a thank you letter from NHS Charities together in respect of the donation we, Burnley and Ramsbottom made to them.

This relates to the NHS T20 we played pre-season 2020. All told £3k was raised so this was a good effort from all concerned especially the spectators who turned out and donated.

Ben Uttley has left the club to forge a new career at Padiham CC. We wish ben all the very best in this venture. Padiham have signed a player with plenty of potential, a winning character and lovey lad.

As work continues apace on the clubhouse, ground improvements have taken place in the form of a 55’ drain. The drain is on the outfield and roughly adjacent to the clubroom decking. Hopefully this will improve the drainage in that area, which had to be cordoned off on a number of occasions last season due to waterlogging. Thanks to the Martin brothers, Dave Waddington and Chris Bleazard for their help with this.

With Easter holidays on the horizon, we have vacancies for painting jobs on the ground. These are ideally suited to keeping your kids occupied for a couple of hours. Please contact me if interested. Keith Till is currently helping and as usual Maureen Stansfield is employed on the Sisyphean task of painting and staining the benches. Maureen of course used to precede the Queen on state visits, sprucing up the local paintwork and once painted Tasmania magnolia. We thank Maureen and Keith, and Dave Johnson for his mowing duties . Dave has erected 4 birdboxes on the ground and vacancies exist.

When visiting the ground, the memorial garden near the groundsman’s shed is taking shaper with early flowering and we thank Ann Cochrane for her green-fingered tending.

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