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Many thanks to Dave and Alistair Smalley who have painted all the perimeter walls and sightscreen.

The club has now got the defibrillator in place at the end of David Wren way and a press announcement will follow. Many thanks to all those who have contributed financially, Matt Stansfield and Paddy Martin who have co-ordinated it and to Craig Marsden for the electrical installation.

Apologies if I have missed anyone and if anyone has a spare hour or two there are still painting jobs to be done.



The club are pleased to announce several sponsorship deals.

The under 13s panthers have been sponsored and will now be known as the LHCC u13 A1 Motorstore Panthers. Many thanks to Motorstore’s Peter Rostron for his generosity and to Eric Haworth and Keith Fairclough who arranged the deal.

The under 11 bears will be known as LHCC U11 Molly Rigby Bears following sponsorship by landlord Brian Gamble at the popular Padiham hostelry. Many thanks to Brian and to Chris Bithell for arranging this



Our newest team, LHCC Fagan and Whalley U9 Wasps played their first ever game. This is our 3rd under 9s teams and all were match debutants. Quite incredibly, not a single player was dismissed. Scorecard below.   


Euxton u13 241-7                                        LHCC u13 Lions 276-6

Harry Young 2-4                                         Keagan de Vries 25

Dec Metcalfe 2-8                                        Rory Cormack 21*

Henri Cottam 2-14                                      Henri Cottam 21*

                                                                    Harry young 11*


LHCC U13 Lions 275 – 4                        Salesbury u13 288-2      

Jack Spence 27*

Keagan de Vries 16*

Dec Metcalfe 15*

Aden Aurangzeb 14*


LHCC u11 Tigers 241- 6                      Rishton u13 243-4

Rory Cormack 21*                             Oliver Spendlove 2-15

Sam Hancock 14*                            

Nathan Porter 14*

Oliver Spendlove 14*

Phoebe Johnstone 13*

Oliver Williams 11*


Great Harwood u13 294 – 3              LHCC U13 Cougars 223-5

Nathan Porter 11*

Grace Johnson 11*


LCB U11 Cup Round 2

LHCC u11 Bears 254- 5        Burnley u11 222-9

Tom Yorke – Robinson 17*      Harvey Elliott 3-5

Grace Johnson 13

Elliott Johnstone 12*

Joseph Edgar 11*


LHCC u11 Bears 230- 2        Bacup u11 (1) 249-4

Jack Whitham 12*

Harrison Durkin 11*

Grace Johnson 10*


Rawtenstall u11 236-4                          LHCC u11 Cubs 228-3  

                                                               Archie Howorth 9*  


LHCC u11 Cubs 245 – 1                         Haslingden 257-2   

George Everitt-McVay 13*

Myles Carr- Oddie 13*


LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 241 – 8             Church u9 251-7

Marcus Niell 16                                                              Isa Nadeem 2-5

                                                                                        Archie Howorth 2-12


Haslingden u9 196-7        LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 303 – 2

Aveen Dalugoda 2-4                       Isa Nadeem 21

                                                        Marcus Niell 14*

                                                        Joe Masson 12*

                                                        Aveen Dalugoda 10*


LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Bees 221 – 6         East Lancs u9 239-4

Henry Bithell 9*                                                        Jessie Martin 2-3


LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Bees 230 – 3       Clitheroe 9(b) u9 206-10

Melissa Shanley 5*                                                 Ethan Hawden 3-6

Taylor Beaumont 5*                                                Dawud Nadeem 3-6


LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Wasps 273-0     Haslingden u9 (3) 207-6

William Black 10*   


LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Bees 247- 2 –

Eddie Starkie 12  

LHCC Fagan and Whalley u9 Hornets 224 – 5 


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