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1978: House sign Ul-Ghani

Here’s another cutting sent in from the Burnley Express, from 1st September 1978. Lowerhouse signed Nasim Ul-Ghani for the 1979 season. Nasim scored 428 from 21 league innings and took 72 wickets. Full profile here

1978 – Joe Waterworth – In Picture

Further to Stan’s tribute to Joe and his generation, we know from our records that there were Waterworths involved in the club pre-World War 1 and for many years afterwards, so presumably Joe was from the same family.</> Anne Cochrane thought it might be nice to add a photo of...

1978: A trip down Lowerhouse Lane

In 1978 the Camp David Summit between Israel and Eygpt, with Jimmy Carter playing the honest broker, would lead to Nobel Peace prizes all round. It was a year when there were more technological breakthroughs. The first test-tube baby was born in ’78 and, in Japan, the Space Invaders game was...

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