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2018: Squad Photo

In a quest to get every squad photo ever taken in the History Books, Nigel Stockley from Lancashireleague.com has come up trumps with some recent years ones. We’ll be updating the History Books with these.  Todays are from 2018.

Best day of 2018?

As 2018 draws to an end, we’re in a bit of a reflective mood – what was your best day of 2018? I’m pretty sure most if not all Lowerhouse fans would say our best day was Sunday 5th August: The Worsley Cup final. Here’s a little run down of...

PHOTOS: Daniels’ View

Daniel Scanlin is a brilliant photographer from Burnley, who unlike many others takes photos on film. He also, gets the angles that most people don’t and took some brilliant ones at the final. Thanks for sending them in Dan!

VIDEO: Worsley Cup Final Moments

For those that don’t follow us on Twitter, Adam managed to catch the end of the match whilst adding some dodgy commentary to boot, for those who couldn’t be at the game yesterday. We’ve uploaded it to YouTube for you to enjoy again.  (Sorry if there is any bad language!)...

Worsley Cup Guest Reporter – Paul Hargreaves

I’ll let you into a secret, as an indolent part-time scribbler, a stint as Lowerhouse CC’s guest reporter can be a bit of a chore. But for once that’s definitely not the case today. This is one of the biggest games ever in our locality and I feel humbled to...

PHOTOS: vs Crompton (Pt 2)

We’re blessed when it comes to photographers at the House and we’re always eternally greatful – here’s photos from Sunday taken by Keith Hawke. Full album here

PHOTOS: vs Crompton

As always, Bryn Barnes has starred with some great photos of Sundays win at home in the Semi Final of the Worsley Cup Full album here

PHOTOS: vs Ramsbottom

Some great photos as always sent in by Keith Hawke of Sunday’s game against Ramsbottom. Full album here. (We’re uploading more as the night goes on – keep checking back!)

Guest Reporter – Ben Heap vs Enfield

We arrived at Enfield in the sunshine which was the first time in a very long time! From the balcony the pitch was white in colour and I immediately thought it would be firm and would be good for batting on. How looks can be deceiving…. After a closer inspection...

MORE PHOTOS: vs Enfield

We’ve recieved more photos from Sundays win at Enfield. Any photo with a hawk in the corner is by Keith, the others are by Bryn Barnes. (We’re uploading more as we speak!) Full album located here.

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