The APP strides on with the help of PitchVision

By Paddy Martin

The Lowerhouse Advanced Performance Programme (APP) winter training has been running for 5 weeks over the winter period. The programme has seen some changes, in particular, the age range being altered to cater for older players, who are entering the Senior sides. This was done with the aim of better preparing players for senior cricket, attempting to bridge the gap that appears between latter stages of junior cricket and playing senior cricket.

The programme has once again been headed up by APP Head Coach Francois Haasbroek. The sessions have taken on a more technical nature than those in previous years, with each player receiving specialist intervention work regularly to help with any issues the players may be having, or to build on areas of strength. The sessions have also included some strength and conditioning work, to help prepare the players for the upcoming season. Players are tasked with becoming more independent, with a focus on them learning and understanding their own game better, therefore being able to adapt to relevant game situations and know what they are capable of doing and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Thank you to Francois for his planning and hard work throughout the winter sessions.

The club is immensely grateful to Harry Brooks for his continued support with the programme, which is a major help for the programme. This year, with thanks to Harry, has seen the introduction of PitchVision technology to the sessions. PitchVision has been a big help to the sessions, and proven it’s with already. The technology allows for video recording of players, both batting and bowling, which is then stored on an online portal. The portal has been a key part of the winter sessions as players can access their own videos and reflect upon what they see, the coaches are also able to see the videos and can provide instant feedback or questioning through the portal. The PitchVision has helped to increase to level of reflection and analysis that players and coaches can both have on the sessions. A big thank you to PitchVision for their help with the training of how to use the equipment, we still haven’t let Stan near it yet! Once again, thank you to Harry Brooks for his continued support with the programme.

With the changes in age for the APP we felt that this left a gap which was previously covered. Which has led to the development of the Junior Performance Programme (JPP). This has seen the younger players put through their paces, with club head coach Nigel Brown. Nigel has delivered the weekly sessions with a focus on the technical side of all aspects of the game, looking to make sure that the younger players have the required base of technique to work from. The sessions have been a massive success and will continue throughout the season. A big thank you to Nigel for his time, planning and hard work throughout the sessions.

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